Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Over...

School that is! All the ceremonies, awards, programs, parties, projects, gifts....it's over. I always feel a little sad at the end of the year. The kids always love their teachers and their classes and they are sad to say goodbye. It's even more sad when your kindergartner misses the last 2 days of school cause she has like...croup! She's sooooooo sick, and so sad she missed the last days of school. Here are the girls with their teachers a few days before. Kristen says Mrs. McNeil is her most favorite teacher EVAH!!! I think the feeling was mutual. Samantha may not have loved school, but she loved her teacher and she has even decided that maybe she will like 1st grade. She is going to give it a chance anyway.
Now we officially welcome summer into our household (even though Nathan has been on vacation for a month now!) with half of us sick! YAY.
As for crafts....here lets celebrate Christmas in July with a little snow AND splash.
Here's Jack at swimming lessons last year...he would say to me
"Mommy, i wanna go swimming lessons real hard"
I love that he used to say real hard for really bad.

When I would ask him if he was ready to go swimming he would say
"Yup, i sure is."

Nathan sledding in Utah.
This would be that infamous trip where my "rear end" didn't fair so well.

Then of course that big ol' snow storm Vegas had last winter.
Can you see all that snow there???? No?? ....loook harder, it's there!

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Chandra said...

So sad ya'll are starting out break with a sickie. Jace got McNeil next year- good except it's on track3. Cute scraps- AS USUAL!!