Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday

 Have I told you how much I love this March kit from My Scrapbook NOok???
I'm feeling very inspired this week and have lots of ideas floating around the old noggin.

Just wish I had more time (or was more focused....cause lets be honest, that's more likely the problem!)
I did get 2 more layouts done this week and I have one more I really want
to get done before the next kit comes in.

This first one is Kristen with her baby doll she got for her first birthday.
We still have this doll actually.  A little worse for ware and some
added art work to her face thanks to a brother....and probably not the younger one!

More blessing pictures.  This is Kristen.
We have the sweetest little tatted shoes that a friend from law school made for her.
They are like lace....so beautiful!!
I was looking back at all my layouts for this kit and you know what.....
They are all of Kristen ;)
Though I did do an entire mini on Samantha....so that's fair right ;)

I seem to go through spurts where I focus on one kid for a while then move on to someone else.
I have a feeling the next kit will feature more of Samantha. (cause I know it's a spunkier style)

As for the weekend...hoping to do lots of scrapping....I tell ya, I'm totally wanting to scrap!!!
Looking forward to conference.
I need some serious inspiration right now.

Hope you all have a super fun weekend!!!
I leave you with Jacks thought for today

"Mommy, I don't think I want to die and go to heaven, there might be camels up there and camels are stinky....P.U. "(with the nose squeezing and hand waving to go with it!)


Does he not realize that we STILL have camels????  I mean, they didn't leave with the Wise Men!!!


Anthea said...

they are so cute!!! Im loving the kit too, I just havent had time to play =( hopefully tomorrow I will though

Lilith Eeckels said...

Your layouts are stunning. Love the mini from the previous post as well.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pages carol x x

Meaghan said...

Your pages are so pretty! Jack is hysterical. I think he and Aviendha would get along great. :)

Monique Liedtke said...

:-) just read what Jack said!! He's funny! LOVE your layouts and totally understand what you mean with wanting more time or being more focussed!! I want that TOO!!!! sigh!
Have a lovely weekend! (btw, just became your follower, your work is great!).