Monday, April 18, 2011

This is How It's Done

Somebody scored himself some sweet wheels this weekend.
Then he got taken for a ride this evening....this is how it went down.

 Get the helmet adjusted.

 Check out your cool sketchers on the pedals.
Let daddy chase you around the soft basketball court just in case you fall, 
which by the way only happened once.
 Take off on your own...for a minute.
 Then practically run daddy off the side walk cause you can't steer as well as you can balance.
Ride off into a pretty sweet sunset.
Ready to come back another day
for just a little more practice!

He's pretty proud of himself!  Was convinced he wouldn't be able to ride a 2 wheeler till at least kindergarten.  For some reason kindergarten and bike riding go hand in hand.  Not anymore!!!
Boooo yaaaa!!!


Jason & Claire said...

Sweet little guy;)

@JoyceCasaldi said...

Awww, great photos!

Kathy Jo said...

Very Cool! So grown up! It's so cute how big they think they are at that age. What will you do with yourself when he starts kindegarten??

Sherri said...

Yah Jack!!! How great that you were ready, camera in hand to capture it all.

pinkalishious said...

Ah bless his cotton socks, my LOVES his stunt pegs!!

yyam said...

Oh my! Kudos boy! Great work! :)

Stephanie said...

benny got a new bike too. hope you had a happy easter.

Meaghan said...

Awesome! I love all the pictures. Aviendha just turned 4 so now she's "big girl" and can do everything herself. It requires a lot of patience. :)