Monday, June 6, 2011

The Latest Kit at The Nook

I can hardly believe it's June already!!!!!
Can you?????
Don't know where the year has gone!
I got the June kit from My Scrapbook Nook recently.
It was so easy to work with, I've whipped out quite a few projects already!

This kit has a lot of purple in it...which is not a color I normally scrap with,  but it's such a pretty combination in this kit.  And with that being one of Samantha's favorite colors I knew I would have no trouble coming up with pictures that have been waiting for some purple paper!!!

This one of Samantha was a loner pic.  Didn't really have any others to go with it.  But I loved it, loved the lighting and the pretty smile on her face.  So I did a "just because" page.  Scrapping the lonely picture just because it's so pretty.  Plus I loved all the prints in this kit and wanted to be able to see them all together ;)
Another loner.  I always feel guilty scrapping one photo....but sometimes, it's all I got!  This is an old one of the 3 kids on a 4th of July.  Pre-digi even.  Not the best photo, a little dark, a little dull.  But I remember this day...it was so fun and I wanted to mark it.
 I nearly forgot I had these pics.  Was cruising through my on-line stash one day and came across them.  Couldn't believe I had forgotten about them.  She looks so pretty.  She blows me away.  First day of first grade....so you know she planned the outfit, the hair...the whole look ;)
Another Samantha....what can I say, her and purple just go together ;)
This is her on her 3rd birthday....a Dora Party.  I've got a few more pics of this party I want to scrap with this kit, we'll see if I get to them.
 .....and finally, one last little project!  For the 4th of July.  Besides all the purple, this kit has this gorgeous blue and red in it.  I thought it would make for a fun little vintagy pinwheel decoration ;)  I need to get some white beans or something for these jars....they just look so naked!
So there you have it!  Lily Bee is at the Nook this month!!!
To see more loveliness from the Design Team and members hop on over to the gallery ;)


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Gorgeous gorgeous all around. WELL DONE. Great use of the kit!

Deanna said...

Oh swoooon. You, my friend, are one talented designer! I adore each and every one of these. sigh....

Jill Sarginson said...

Fabulous work Carol!! :) I'm now stalking you, lol

Ashly Margritz said...

Love all your work!! Im still on the fence about the nook kits. Cant wait to get the May kit I won from you to see if I really would like it. Do you always use the kits even when its not usually your style?? Just need some input here. Thanks and cant wait for the kit to arrive!!!!!

Zarah said...

Love them!! The stripey one is soooogorjuss and... the one where you cut out the stars? BE STILL, my heart! I am in LOVE! Soooo stealing the idea! (Promise to give cred!)

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

sooo adore all of your June projects!! You rocked the kit, Carol!!