Friday, July 29, 2011

Where did the week go????

Gone in a flash I tell ya!!!

We have been busy around here running to and fro....taking care of things that need to be taken care of before school starts again.   Does it feel like school is right around the corner to you???  It does to me and all I can think about is how on earth is my body going to rise that early every.single.day!!!!!

We have definitely been lazy this summer.  So much for a routine and schedule that I dreamed of having when summer started.  I should just accept the fact that, that my dear....is not how I roll!!!  I'd like it to be,  but it's just not.

Oh well,  I grew up with lazy summer days.....and sometimes I like the idea of my kids having that too.  No structure, no rules (well maybe just a few) just fun.  Because certainly life gets structured and full of rules soon enough right?!!!  See, good, I just made myself feel better ;)

We at the Nook have received our August kit and it is yummy and happy!!!!  Just what I need right now ;)
Full of My Minds Eye Lime Twist...Jillibean Soup Ribbons, journaling sprouts and a stamp set.

This kit is feeling just right for all those un-scrapped pics of baby Jack!!!  Our little Doug ;)

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Celeste Vermeend said...

I love your blog... Bloomin' middle of Winet here in Aus!