Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Lets pretend it's last Thursday and I'm wishing my baby girl a BIG Happy 5th Birthday!!!
Here she is on her 1st Birthday
Even then you could see the spunky little girl inside!
Thursday night at our little family party, wearing the hat she got at school that day.
Our little rock star!!!
5 Things I love about this Girl
Her definite sense of style...jeans and tanks are her favorite, and she likes to wear her hair elastics on her wrist, all the time. Does this look not scream ROCK STAR?
Her big brown eyes
Her generosity...she will easily give things away and always the first to share
The way she likes to sneak my diet coke when she thinks I'm not looking
The fact that she still loves to cuddle with her mom and dad
My babies are growing up way to fast...and I don't LIKE IT!!!


Stephanie said...

I am so happy that Samantha had a happy day. You go you little rock start you!!!!

Meaghan said...

She has such a pretty smile!

Laura & Paul said...

I cannot believe how long Samantha's hair has gotten. Isabelle wanted a pink guitar for her birthday too. Sounds like the party was fun, what a cute idea. I may have to steal it for next year.

Cammie said...

She is so lovely!