Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh "JOY"

After chasing around all morning looking for supplies
Samantha asked me this
"Mom, are we going to be busy when we get home?"
Me "Yes, very busy"
Her (acting very annoyed like she likes too) "What do we have to do?"
Me "First we'll eat lunch then I have to start sorting all this stuff we bought. Are you going to help me?"
Her (big sigh) "I guess"
And what is all this "stuff" you may be wondering, let me spell it out...
126 wood blocks (cut and painted)
126 squares of paper
168 die cut (by me) letters (3 HOURS at Pebbles)
168 jewels
25 yards of white ribbon
2 spools of red ribbon
42 tags, flowers, jump rings, etc.
18 pkgs. of buttons (totaling 1134 buttons!)
plus a bunch of other stuff
Equal one out of control Super Saturday project that I am in charge of!!!
Really, I'm not complaining. I'm just stunned at the response to this craft.
I guess I should be flattered that people like it.
Oh and by the way, Samantha ended up finding a friend and left me to fend for myself!


lisa said...

I LOVE IT! Oh joy! Those are too cute! I will copy for sure!

Heather said...

and you shouldn't be surprised at the big response....
Sorry I ditched you and you spent so long at Pebbles die cutting.
I promise to paint!

Stephanie said...

Can I order one from you??? Way cute.

Bryn said...

This was your craft! Love it! You should have called ... Samantha is always welcome over here.

jamie carter said...

Those are very cute.

Sunee said...

I can't wait to do mine on Sat. So cute!!! I will help paint too. Let me know. Sorry my husband is a crack head.

Kathy Jo said...

WOW!! Carol, those are so fun! You have to tell me how to make them!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

ok Carol... i have you signed up for the boutique next year... haha.

those are so WAY CUTE!! I want to be in your guy's ward.

Carol said...

Gee, thanks girls. Ya'll know how to make a girl feel good!

Linde said...

What a gal! I'm so glad that you are creative because you are helping the rest of us poor souls out! I can't wait.