Monday, November 19, 2007


Doug and I went out on Saturday to do a bit of shopping, (ya know, tis the season).  We stopped at the new Town Square Shopping Center. That place is COOL. HUGE, so cute and full of lots of fun stuff. Not all the shops are open yet, but there is a lot already. The kids park looked way fun. Definitely a place to take the kids for shopping and play. I can see going there for a big day of school shopping or something like that. It is beautiful.

We stopped in the H &M store that is new to Vegas. It looked cool but was packed and since I'm not familiar with the store or their style I was totally overwhelmed! I told Doug I don't know how to shop for myself if I'm not at Target or Old Navy. HELP!! I need serious fashion assistance!

We had a lot of fun. 5 hours to ourselves in the middle of the day. What more could I ask for. Another day out that's what!


Alida B. said...

Totally Jealous! :) I really wanted to get over there on Saturday and Jeremiah kept putting it off....bleh!! I'm glad you got sometime to yourselves though!!!

Linde said...

I am dying to go there too! Lucky you, sounds like fun.

Cammie said...

How fun is that! H&M is really big here and there are really good prices too--Which is something I love! They even have kids stuff.

I'm so glad you had a day for just the 2 of you!

Stephanie said...

Happy that you had some time for just you. I love to shop. ;)

Stephanie said...

Wanted to know if you got the package that I sent. I hope things are going well and that you had a Happy Thanksgiving. ;)