Monday, November 12, 2007


Recovering from the last few weeks. Super Saturday is over, the birthday is over. My house is a WRECK! Enjoying today cleaning and blogging. 3 post in one day, that's outta control for me!

Super Saturday went well, I was busy nonstop from 9am to 3:30 p.m. Had lots of people asking if I had extra sets. Dude, I barely found enough stuff for the ones I needed.

I feel free...dying to start some of my projects I've been wanting to do. Glad for the space that is showing itself in my spare bedroom. Last week you could barely walk in there for all the piles of project stuff lying around. Gotta get that room clean for my company coming this weekend.

Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. How'd that happen??? Since when did it get to be the middle of November?? It doesn't help that it's still 80 degrees around here. It felt so wrong to wear boots to church yesterday, but hey it is NOVEMBER!


Kathy Jo said...

You are a FUN mom!! Way to go! That looks like it was an awesome party. And the cake is really cute! And I still want to know how to make your Super Saturday project.

Stephanie said...

You have been a busy girl.

g said...

Thanks for giving me an extra set :)

Cammie said...

Ya, when did it get to the middle of November?

PS. About my post--I wanted to read that book "Motoring with Mohammad" because I knew nothing about Yemen and didn't even know where it was! Hope that gives you a chuckle.

Cindy said...

I heard you are Mrs. Crafty! I need to get with ya...I am over the crafts in my ward...and let me tell ya I LOVE to do crafts but I just have a hard time thinking them up each month. Can you give me any ideas?
Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I have actually been evjoying the weather around here...it has been nice to still be able to take the kids to the park and let them play outside. But I am sure it will get stinkin cold soon!