Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Been Workin'

On a few projects. Our ward had an auction a few weeks ago and I donated some sewing services. I made this skirt Samantha is wearing as an example. I now have 2 dresses to make, actually, I just finished the first one yesterday and am trying to get the next one done in the next few days. I'll post them when I'm done.
Samantha indulged me the other day and put on her favorite skirt and posed for me. Actually, she had ulterior motives. Scrapbook class is coming up and we need some pics of her, so of course she was happy to pose, since it suited her purposes. But you know, that girl, if she doesn't want her pic taken there is NOTHING you can do to get it!

you can click on the pic to get a better look at the skirt. it is pretty dang cute if I do say so!


Stephanie said...

Cute skirt. When do you find time to do it all?

lisa said...

Carol, your sewing skills are amazing!! The skirt is so cute!

Jason & Claire said...

I noticed that skirt in Sunday during primary and wondered if it was one of your creations. I came to the conclusion that those details could not possibly be home-made and thought for sure it was made on some fancy machine in a foreign country. Guess I was wrong- great job!

Meaghan said...

Wow, so cute! (so's the model!)

Alida B. said...

I just love the skirt! So cute! It helps that the little model is absolutely adorable too!