Friday, April 18, 2008

My {big} Baby

Do you sometimes just really look into your kids eyes and take it all in? Really soak them up. I love to do that. To know for that instant that they are safe and happy and yours. I feel SO lucky to be a mother. To know that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with these beautiful spirits, that grow Way to fast. My little baby...he's not so little anymore, and it makes me sad. I try to snuggle and kiss on him as much as I can, when he's not driving me crazy with his tantrums and indecisiveness! He is my little buddy. We spend our days together. A good portion of it includes Samantha. Today we were out, shopping :), and I realized for a moment that soon she would be gone too. Off to kindergarten. The three of us have a good time together. Samantha is such a good big sister and loves on Jack and helps take care of him. His days pretty much go like this...
Jack up...at the crack of dawn...he usually comes in to me first thing (unless one of the kids are nearby and hook him up with some tv) asking for cereal crunch (cinn. toast crunch cereal) or saying "mommy, I hungry", or asking for a movie.
Half the time I put on a movie with my eyes closed, finally get to the play button and he throws a fit that he doesn't want that movie (even though he asked for it!) and then can't decide what he wants and gets all mad and throws a fit.

Once I get him settled (if possible) I crawl back into bed for a little more shut eye. Really, I got one eye open and one eye closed, cause somebodies always coming in for something.

We eventually get the kids off to school and Jack is so sweet about saying goodbye to his siblings.

He'll say "bye Nate, luf you" or "have a good day". the same to kristen and Samantha. What's funny is he'll throughout the day ask about them, or where they are. I have to remind him they are in school.

We usually just hang out in the morning, unless we have errands to run. Cleaning, playing, watching a movie (or two). He has a favorite list of movies which include Enchanted, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Little Einsteins, Peter Pan. He has thankfully gotten over his Spongebob and Pirates of the Caribbean obsession! He takes a nap in the afternoon, which is my time to play, when I can.

Once we get the kids from school they usually spend some time outside with him on the trampoline. He has come to expect this. He loves it when we get back from school and he instantly heads out back.

He's made new strides in speaking and is grasping more ideas. He's such a good talker and is really putting things together. Some of my favorite things he is saying lately are:

"Mommy, I take a bath, really hard" (that's his version of saying he wants something really bad).

The other day he threw this one out at me "mommy, chewies lalicious"

Later that same day as I was cooking dinner he said "mommy, I luf it, it tasey"

I love all this stuff he comes up with. I always think it's so sad when their language 'cleans' up.

The older my kids get the faster it seems to go by. Before I know it Jack will be off to school too. Then I will be alone. That will be a SAD day. I may just cry when that happens. Though knowing me...I'll find something to do. Until then, I'm trying to soak em' all up! I love them so much sometimes I feel like I'm gonna bust!


Judy said...

That is so sweet Carol... I love it when I realize, to be a mommy is something beautiful and amazing.. Sometimes no A lot of times I forget. It was nice to read you blog and have it remind me how totally awesome it is to be a mom..
Look you got me all sentimental...
See how you are.

Cammie said...

That was so nice to read. Jack is so lucky to have such a nice family and some many siblings to play with.

I really like his T-shirt. I use to have an "endless summer" t-shirt kind of like that when I was a kid.

Stephanie said...

The little things in life are so important. I enjoy reading with the kids or snuggling when we watch a movie. Benny likes to hold my hand, he might not want to do that much longer. When I am feeling overwhemled I like to just spend time with the kids and throw everything else out the door. Sometimes we just like to stay at home eat popcorn and watch cartoons.
I loved reading about you and the kids. They grow up way to fast. Befoe you know it they will be in high school. Becky will be there is 2 years.

lisa said...

Carol, you just reminded me to slow down and enjoy my babies while I have them. Thanks! Sometimes I am so concerned about where we need to be and when and rush, rush, rush!
A scrapbooking night sounds so fun, doesn't it?! I REALLY wish we lived closer!