Friday, April 25, 2008

A Week in Review

This week has felt super busy. Have been gone a lot and working on some projects. Haven't seen my soap all week! But I feel pretty good about the things I've accomplished. Lets lay it out, shall we???

MONDAY...exercised! Whew, that was a good one. Took Sam and Jack on a bike ride for quite a while. I love being out on my bike, why don't I do it more often? We actually loaded up the trailer and took some deliveries around to people. Finished up my auction dresses and delivered them to Garaghty. They turned out SO cute. Loved the fabric she chose and the skirts are so full and twirly! The two kids plus the stuff made for a rather HEAVY trailer and a harder work out. It was so exhausting that even Jack fell asleep on the ride home!

TUESDAY...Field trip with the 5th graders. Got to ride the stinky ol' bus with em too. Woohooo! We had a good time. Went to a 51's baseball game.

Doin' the YMCA; obviously he needs more practice with his moves, just a little unsure of himself!

Shovin' that popcorn in two handed! Hopin' to get a ball tossed his way, didn't happen

The pitch!

All the kids had a lot of fun and they were able to get some autographs too. Nathan took his dads mit and got it signed. When they all came bouncing back to their seats shouting that they'd gotten autographs I asked who signed it, and he said "I HAVE NO IDEA" with total excitement!

WEDNESDAY... Busy with errands and then spent the entire afternoon editing and downloading prints to Costco. Got Kristen to dance then met up with Doug to take some pictures of one of his clients scars and deformities from an accident. They were hoping to get some really good shots that showed it all well. I must have succeeded because they were all impressed with me. :)

THURSDAY... Take your kids to work day. Yay. The 2 older got to go to court with dad and sit in on a hearing and speak to a judge. They love it! Me, I lounged the whole morning in bed nursing a bad headache. Me and the little ones met up with the workers for some lunch at Johnny Carrinos. Delish! We were waited on by some adorable middle schoolers who came to work with their mom. We never had such good service! They refilled our drinks and bread without us hardly having to ask. I then spent another afternoon downloading photos to Costco. Their quick-up load won't install on my Vistas so it takes an ETERNITY!!!!

FRIDAY...Ya know that urge that we all seem to have right now to stock up on some food storage? Ya well, I took the proceeds from our garage sale a few weeks ago (and then some) and hit Costco today. We have a sorry supply of food storage and I'm feelin' the heat. Bought a bunch of canned goods and baking supplies (from walmart). Wanted some rice, but alas, there was NONE to be had. I know, can you believe it. The rationing they are talking about is true. It was all gone! I could hardly push my cart it was so full and now I don't even know where to put all this food and ya know what...it's hardly a dent in what we should really have. Quite frankly I don't even know what we should really have. But I intend to spend the next few weeks really trying to get a good supply going.

Also picked up my picture order while there and I'm pretty excited by some of them. Got some sepia ones enlarged to update my wall and did an 8x8. I really stocked up on some scrappin' pictures so I can't wait to break into those!!!

Now for the weekend, where to begin, what projects to do!


lisa said...

Your dresses are darling. You are so talented! Nathan's game was so funny! Loved the two handed popcorn eating!
Food storage, where to begin?! I made a list of what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week, then bought all of that times four. After like 3 or 4 weeks I had my 3 month supply of stuff. Rice and wheat and beans are good staples to have on hand for your year supply because they will sustain you if there isn't anything else to eat. A wheat grinder is a good investment! Good luck!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

your busy week is a good example of why i can't wait until summer. haha. there is just too much to do.

those dresses are adorable!! you are a talented girl! and i can't wait for you to share some new pages/layouts with us using those new pictures!!

Stephanie said...

the dresses are very cute. looks like you had a busy week. i see that nate is wearing his glasses.
i love it when a busy week in done and i can enjoy the weekend.

Meaghan said...

The dresses are SO cute! Nate looks like he's having so much fun. I love how excited he was!

TheOneTrueSue said...

I'm so impressed by people who can sew. I once took a three hour class to learn how to sew a pair of pants and was more confused after I left than when I went in. My husband bought me a sewing machine and I used it for a few weeks to sew really simple things (straight lines, mostly), but then could not figure out how to change the bobbin. I haven't used it since.

So, um, the dresses are very cute, is what I'm trying to say. ;>