Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First and foremost.....THE BAAYBEEY

Ok...so blogger is not letting me rearrange the photos...how rude!

Anyway, this is Ripley Marith (after grandma)

she is as sweet as apple pie!

i melted all over her for days.

she has a little fascination with her tongue and likes to stick it out all the time

she has the exact same hairline that my brother had when he was born

my brother is obsessively doting on her...he is whipped big time!

I am by far her favorite aunt!

i hated to say goodbye, knowing it would most likely be a year before I see her again ;(


Heather said...

What a sweet girl!
I love her bracelet.
You got some nice shots of her. I really like the foot one.
How fun you got to go and visit.

BTW, Congrats to Samantha on riding her bike and I can't wait to see her hair. I bet she pulls it off beautifully even though it's not what she really wanted.

lisa said...

She is so perfect and beautiful! Brings a little tear to my eye. :)
Congrats to your brother! And OF COURSE you are the favorite aunt!!

Leslie said...

Okay, now I'm super excited to see MY new niece in a few weeks! Nothing better than new babies! Nice baby bling--if I do say so myself ;)

Stephanie said...

what a pretty baby. looks like you had a great time. can't wait to see more pics of your trip.
I love samantha's hair and what a cool bike. ;)

Linde said...

What a sweet little baby! Can't wait to hear more about your little vaca! I showed Kenzi the pictures of Samantha. We really were hoping to run into you for Halloween. Next time. Samantha is so cute and looks older with her hair shorter. Kenzi wants so badly to cut her but I don't want her to. I try to ignore her request also.

Chandra said...

What a cutie! I'm gonna guess you got her that cute little owl outfit.