Sunday, November 9, 2008

This little piece of SUGAR turns SIX!

How did she get so big?????
For breakfast, she wanted...BROWNIES...so brownies we had.
With candles and a song.
What a great way to start the day...brownies and presents.

Later it was Red Robyn for lunch
They sang to her there too.
Surprised she wanted that...she doesn't like having a lot of attention drawn to herself.
But she loved it, I could tell.

Dinner was per her request
followed up by a new movie
churo's........AND popcorn!

Why do I love this girl....cause she is ONE OF A KIND!
She is my little helper, a little mother and all around caretaker of the family.
She loves to learn new tricks and works hard till she masters them.
I love her desire to know how to do "stuff"
She has a very specific style and is extremely picky.
But, also realizes she doesn't need a lot of stuff.
She is very generous and thoughtful of others,
she will easily give things away and tells me she doesn't need much.

She has been working hard to learn to ride her big two-wheeler
and finally last month....SHE GOT IT!

How proud is SHE!

A few months ago she was begging to have her hair cut just like her sisters.
I tried to ignore that request and held her off as long as I could.
But she was determined that it was what she wanted.
Soooooooooo...i cut it.

and as hard as she tried
she couldn't stop
the tears from rolling.

then, I joined in.
I never wanted to cut it in the first place.
and she regretted it.

so we sat there
and I held her till she stopped
and then told her how cute it could be
so we styled it
and she said she would get used to it.
And, with a sigh said "it will grow".

(obviously, this is before)

This little one is mature beyond her years.
I love her so.
and look forward to everyday with her.

by-the-way...she has gotten used to her hair and doesn't mind it so much.
me...can't wait for it to be long again...it just suits her.

vacation details to come!


lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Samantha! They grow too fast! I love all your cute comments about her, so fitting. Sad about her hair. It will grow, slowly but surely.
Tell her Abby says Happy Birthday!

Chandra said...

What a sweet thing! Good for you for making her birthday so special. Yesterday was my dad's birthday too!

Meaghan said...

She's such a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday.

Kirsten said...

6! Wow! Did you tell her to stop getting older? They grow too fast. I'm sad about her hair. It will grow fast though. Happy Birthday Samantha!

FrankNApril said...

Happy Birthday! She is just one of the cutest girls I know! Very sweet! I love all her pictures and yes your beautiful hair will grow. You are cute either way! lucky!!! April

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Samantha.

Lenny and Amanda said...

Happy happy birthday Samantha!! Becca had so much fun at your party and you are such a sweetie!! Your beautiful hair will grow back!! It still looks very cute... BTW.. good job letting her have what she wants on her day.. I still need to learn to give in a little more!! You are a great example!