Sunday, November 23, 2008

MOre VaCa....

This is the bed and breakfast we stayed in, the Battery Carriage House I think. It ran along the Charleston Bay. The courtyard is where our room was. The second black entry was our door. Wish I had taken more pictures of this place! It was so cool. We ate breakfast
at this little table outside our room.

Speaking of food, we had dinner at a pretty famous restaurant (i guess). All the tables had markings on them of the famous people who sat at them. I think AC/DC was on our table, amongst others. Like Dougs BIG fish?????
Anybody watch the A&E show Flip this House? With Trademark Properties?????
Well, here is there Charleston office, they actually did an episode about remodeling this place. It was never open while we were there...too bad dude, maybe i could of met Ginger or something ;)

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Leslie said...

I would just like to make my official announcement: I am moving to the East Coast. You only have yourself to blame when you miss me. :) LOVE the pictures!