Friday, August 29, 2008

Heaven Help Me...I've created a Kitty Lover

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS....i am not a lover of the kitty.
I could use stronger language here, but eh, it's not necessary.
I will leave it at that.

Somewhere, Somehow, my sweet Kristen has turned against me.
Took her school shopping one day and this outfit here,
she about fainted she thought it was so cute.
The shirt has kitties on it, the sweater has a kitty on it.
She wanted the socks with kitties on it, but I drew the line.
Told her leggings would be better under the skirt.
I told her I couldn't believe I was spending (my husbands)
hard earned money on kitty clothes!
She apologized for that but in her sweetest little face said to me
"but mommy I love it and I can't live without it".

And because I love her, I allowed it.
The one thing I won't allow though,
is a Ziploc bag of kitty HAIR!
Yes! she came home from a friends house with hair from her kitty.
I can't have that in my house.
I will die from allergies.

Also, any school supply she could get with a kitty on it,
she chose.

Heaven help me...what WILL i do with her?????

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obviously...it's The Back to School Post

Survived the first day. Went great actually. It was a big day for all.
Nathan started middle school (gasp)
Kristen will start 3rd grade and Gate this year (not surprised at all)
Samantha started Kindergarten (be still my heart, I nearly cried)

I almost forgot the camera before Nathan headed out the door to meet up with the neighbor(hood). I said to him "show me how excited you are to start middle school!" this is the face I got seconds before he turned and walked away...afraid that someone might see him getting photographed (heaven 4 bid)

Kristen of course was all sassy for pictures. Couldn't wait to wear her polka dot outfit. She chose a backpack that's nearly as big as she is. So happy to be back in school. She could do without a summer break!

Then there is my sweet and sassy little Samantha. In her jeans and long sleeves (of course), other than tanks (which she is wearing too) these are her clothes of choice. Even in 150 degree weather she will still wear jeans, though I won't let her wear long sleeves if I can help it! I love the bag she chose. It's not actually a back pack sorta thing. It's just a small messenger bag from Old Navy. But hey, its Kindy...she don't need no big ol' backpack.

ohhhh....be still my heart! she walked off ahead of us, so glad i whipped out the camera for this.

Once we dropped Kristen off and walked over to the kindy area she said she was scared. My sweet little thing, counting the days all summer till school started. So excited she could hardly stand it. And now, she is scared. The little fingers in the mouth, looking to the ground...wanting so bad to be brave. SHE gave me the hug...for comfort. This is when I started to choke.

Then there's little Jack Jack. He packed himself a lunch (chips, granola bar, water bottle) and was just as ready for school as the others. Although, after we drove away he said to me "why Samantha go school????" I don't think he realized she would be staying this time. He was a little sad. But then I took him to Target and let him pick out a big talking Buzz Light Year who is now his best bud.
I seriously think this is one of my most favorite pics of the little guy. He doesn't cooperate much anymore and his sun kissed little face and even more bleached out hair, in blue...h.e.a.r.t.b.r.e.a.k.e.r!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We finally finished the girls room!

Samantha's bed

Kristen's bed
Even though they have day beds i have decided to go with the traditional line up of pillows. Their last set had ALL the pillows going across the back of the bed and quite frankly, that's just TOO MANY FREAKIN' PILLOWS. I couldn't take it anymore.

Now if your thinking, gosh what a cute, CLEAN room, just wait a second...
here are the photography conditions I was working with
Maybe I should have just let you think that we live in a gorgeous, spotless house. But that would be a LIE! There book shelf is A MESS. No matter how many times I clean it and tell them to leave it like that, they quickly put their little (messy) touches all over it. I want to paint the shelf again, but can't quite decide how. Brown? Or is that too much? Maybe just the roof?

The girls and I did work on a little art project for their room together. We made some paper owls and a bird to mount on canvas and frame. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty happy with how they turned out. Giddy is more like it!

They each designed their own owls and helped put them together. We mod podged them onto canvas that I cut down to fit the frame. I had these old Pottery Barn Artwork frames that were missing the plexi glass. I painted them brown, sanded them and attached ribbon (Martha Stewart ribbon) and hung them from these little flowers I bought at Tai Pan in Utah. We still need to hang the last flower to get the set up (ran out of screws).
Samantha's Owl, my bird
Kristen's owl

We are also wanting to make these cute little owls pillows from Pottery Barn together. That will make a good fall/winter sewing project for us girls! I ordered some cute fabrics from Heather Bailey I think will mix well with the fabrics that I used on their other pillows.
(isn't this room to DIE for????) seriously, if i didn't already have their room done I be SO tempted to splurge on this set. But i know the set they have will grow with them a little better.

And there you have it. The room!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where are the Children???

It is summer...and where are my kids you may be wondering.

They have not made it to the blog lately.

Quite frankly, I haven't taken hardly any pictures this summer.

But I did grab the camera the other day and got a few shots of our latest little water baby.

Jack is outta control in the swimming pool!

It's hard to keep up with him.

In and Out
In and Out (not the burger joint)
Constantly jumping in the pool and swimming to the side
He is doing great.

Swimming lessons were definitely money well spent.

He also likes to throw himself across the pool and swim a stroke or two.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Four Things....

4 places I visit often:
The Internet :)
obviously...i do not lead an exciting life

4 people who call/e-mail or text regularly:
my mom

4 favorite foods:
anything with the following always make my mouth water,
green onions
sour cream
cream cheese

4 places I'd rather be:
obviously with my family, but since I'm always with them lets try a few others...
getting a facial/massage (doing that today...yay!)
locked in my scrapbook room with diet coke & candy (did that yesterday...yay again!)
shopping with friends (hoping to do that soon....Kirsten???)
eating out (always hoping for that!)

4 movies I'd watch over and over again:
Harry Potter
The Sound of Music
(you know, ALL the classics!)

4 bands/groups I like to listen to:
Rascall Flatts
Dixie Chicks
Kenneth Cope/LDS artists
and I don't know....a lot of various artists

Sunday, August 3, 2008


That was the scream I heard from Kristen as she came running up the stairs to find me. Jack had been alone down stairs for 5 WHOLE MINUTES and this is what we found!
Him on top of the counter scooping out the flour. As i walked in he was rubbing the flour on his feet and said to me "mommy, i dirty. i washing." Clearly aware of what a kodak moment this was i let him be for the moment and hurriedly took some pictures (in my haste i failed to check my camera settings and the picture quality is quite horrible but, eh, so's the situation!)

He then proceeded to rub it all over his face and said "ho ho ho, i santa". He thought all of this was quite a neat little trick.
Do you see the flour on the cabinets? All over the counter, on the floor, on the stove, in between the stove and counter (never to be seen again). His shorts...ya, they are DARK blue, at least they WERE. Flour was everywhere...several cup fulls to be sure.
Everyone got to help clean up this little disaster, cause ya, I was getting ready for a date and had to pick up the sitter in 45 min.
We stripped him down on the spot and Nathan took him up for a bath (had to carry him cuz, uh, didn't need it tracked all the way up stairs, i had already had to vacuum the ENTIRE house that morning cause of him). Kristen and I vacuumed and wiped, and wiped and vacuumed the whole mess. All the while thanking my lucky stars it was the flour and NOT the sugar in the canister beside it. Holy cow...that sticky would have never gone away.
But....that's our Jack. A walking disaster zone. All i do is clean up after this boy. That morning he came up to me (still in bed) with an open package of oatmeal he wanted to eat. Granted, there wasn't any oatmeal left in the pkg. cause he had apparently toured the house with it!