Thursday, May 31, 2007

I don't want to wear the hat...

"I don't want to wear the hat", that's what she said when she walked out for her preschool graduation. Said it several times in fact, for all to hear. She calmed down until it was time to stand and say her part. She wouldn't stand. She said "I want to take the hat off", teacher told her she could take it off after she said her part. She just sits there, won't budge. Finally I tell her to take off her hat then say her part. Off goes the hat then as slowly as possible she stands and mumbles her part. That's my girl!!!

It always suprises my when she ends up acting so shy about something. If only people knew the real her. She doesn't let too many people see the real side of her. In short, she is the life of the party at our house and one big silly crack up, when she's in the mood, of course!
Ok, so I'm totally annoyed with blogger...it will not load one of my pictures and it's not placing them the way I am requesting...aaarrrggghhh!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Memorial Day...

Having a pool is definitely an instant party at our house. Had some friends over for a BBQ and swimming. It was actually a Mexican fiesta and we gorged ourselves on 7 layer dip and the best homemade salsa ever, along with steak fajitas! All our kids have birthdays close together so we decided to have them celebrate all together and exchange gifts. Friends, swimming, presents...what more could kids ask for! It was a lot of fun and even us big kids had a good time in the pool. Here's to holidays!!!

Busy, Busy, Busy...

This weekend has left me exhausted! It was fun filled and the kids had a blast. It started off Saturday with Nathans soccer game. A friend of his was on the other team, here is a great shot of him stealing the ball from him... way to go stud! Jack enjoyed all the cheering and got into the action himself. The girls of course were bored. We seemed to be racing from one place to another with the game, dance practice and Nate's little party. We let him invite 3 friends and Dad took them to see Pirates of the Caribbean. After the movie they came back for pizza and swimming. It was fun for all.

Friday, May 25, 2007


That's right...here we are in all our youngness (back then)...celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this week. Can't believe it's been so long, it's gone by fast. We've been through a lot over the years but have always managed to enjoy the ride together. Since I seem to be a list maker, here are 14 things about our 14 years.

1. Spent half the time in higher education

2. Have lived in 3 different states
3. Have moved 8 times

4. Been blessed with 4 children

5. Almost lost our last child

6. Lost a parent, and grandparents

7. Have been away from our kids only once (9yrs ago)

8. Have owned 10 different cars (including 2 jeeps)

9. I had a real estate license for a short period

10. He worked as grocery cashier for 2 days (couldn't stand it)

11. We've both had long hair!

12. Went camping all the time before kids (now, never)

13. We are self employed for the first time

14. We like to travel (can't wait till we can go somewhere alone)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My handsome boy turned 10 this week. Can't believe it. I remember turning 10. It has been a busy week for him. He finally got his braces off last week, but hasn't wanted a little photo session so I am still waiting for a good picture of his beautiful straight teeth (hope they stay that way). Had scout camp last week too, got off to a rough start with a major bully in his group, it made me cry to know someone had been so mean to him. But Daddy saved the day and got the boy moved out of his group and I think a shadow for the little stinker as well. We were not the only ones complaining. He will have a little celebration with friends on Saturday but here are the results of our little family party.

**10 things about my little 10 year old**

Loves Pokemon

Purple is currently his favorite color

He is suddenly very interested in sports

Takes his basketball to school everyday

Is a history buff

Loves to read (though tells me he won't if I ask him to but will if it's his idea...?)

Loves country music

Has loved anything pirate since the age of 2

Is a very sensitive boy

Is a kind and respectful young man!


This morning started early, 6am. Started with Jack and I lounging in bed ( well, I'm lounging he's exploring). Eventually all the kids ended up all around me. Playing and goofing off together.

Nathan says "I'm glad we named Jack, Jack, it suits him."

Me "So your glad we didn't name him Luther?"

Nate laughing "Luther??"

Me "Ya, that was your suggestion before he was born"

Nate laughing harder "It was? He doesn't look like a Luther"

Me "Gee, ya think"

Nate "Why did I say Luther, that's dumb."

The boy makes me laugh, we have some pretty good conversations sometimes. He has a lot to say.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Quack Quack!

Ok, so I know I have a lot to catch up on. I kinda disapeared last week (I have no good excuse). So I'll just start with this...

Had some unwelcomed visitors in the pool yesterday ( the 2nd one is on the ledge in front of a plant) The kids thought it was so cool and asked if they could stay. Eeewww! We made sure they all got a good look and then dad quickly chased them away. Duck Doo is the last thing we want in our pool!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Last night I felt if someone looked in our windows they would think we were doing some strange voodoo ritual on our poor son. Tried those ear candles on him (for those of you who know) he's been having a lot of clogging and pain in his ears. It felt like we were torturing him and he was sure of it. It seemed to only make them hurt worse for him. I felt so bad. But after a blessing and a fantastic nights sleep he says he is cured. Lets hope it lasts. I still can't decide if I should take him to the Dr. today.

Little baby Jack Jack is turning into a nightmare! His new tricks are to climb on top of the table, can get the stool and and reach the counters. Last night he got a roll of ritz crackers and well, you can imagine the mess I had to clean up. That is just the start if this little disaster maker. Poor boy, just like his favorite books 'No, David' all we ever say anymore is "NO Jack!".

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Here is our beautiful girl on her 7th birthday. Can't believe she is getting so big.

7 Things about our latest 7 year old
Loves ramen noodles (that's what she wanted for her birthday dinner)

Loves to Dance & Sing

Loves to Read

Loves to Scrapbook

Fights like crazy with her older brother

Loves school

Is always writing notes & making little crafts

Kristen had a great time at her Magic of the Rainbow pretend sleepover birthday party. She only wanted to invite 5 girls, that's easy. It's amazing the volume that can come out of just a few little girls and one boy. We ate pizza, made rainbow sand jars, decorated butterfly wings, sang karaoke, and watched Barbies Magic of the Rainbow. Kristen was SUPER excited about the Littlest Pet Shop toys she got. The girls came in pajamas and had SOOOO much fun. Oh ya, and she still has her face painted from the night before.

Monday, May 7, 2007


It was a busy weekend with one event after another. After the pioneer feast we had our school carnival. It was a horribly windy day and not the best for a baby working on a cold but we suffered through it anyway. The kids had a great time despite the wind. They played lots of games, ate pizza and disgusting hot dogs, waited in a line for face painting for I think an hour! Thankfully Doug came and took over so the boys and I could go home. Kristen wanted her face painted and she didn't care how long it took. The highlight of the evening was our big win. I decided at the very last second to buy a few tickets for the basket raffle. Amazingly we won! We got a huge craft basket and the kids couldn't wait to tear into it. This was the first carnival for our new school and I'm pretty sure it was way more successful than they anticipated. They were running out of all kinds of stuff. I was amazed at how many were there, especially with the weather.


Let me start by stating the facts. Nathan's class was doing a unit on pioneers. The teacher asked for volunteers to make 'something' for their pioneer feast on Friday. I signed up. I got homemade bread...I cannot even get bread maker bread right, let alone make bread by myself. The recipe said if the dough sticks to your hands when kneading, add more flour. IF!!!!! It was like cake batter. I had to add SOOOOO much more flour. It was not a pleasant experience and I almost threw it away. But I persevered and got what looked like good bread. It was tasteless. Anyway....because of the bread I went into the school to help serve their feast. I went a little early and walked into this (see picture). I couldn't believe my eyes and Nathan couldn't believe his either when he caught me taking pictures. My camera battery died after a few shots but I got what I needed. Priceless!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Almost 10

Can't believe my big boy is on the verge of double digits! He is still a little boy inside with a big world looming all around him. He always has lots to say but the last few days have been especially entertaining for me.

The other day he came home from school saying he had to talk to a girl tomorrow and ask her who she liked. Apparently his friend likes her and wants Nathan to find out who she liked. He honestly can't believe he has to do this (I can't either!) So the next day he did talk to her and in his words "she wouldn't give it up". I am cracking up at this middle school behavior, and he thinks it's all so silly.

On the flip side he had this conversation with a younger friend on the way to school... Kyle said that he liked Barney till he was 5 or 6 (he's 6). Nathan's response.. "Ya, Barney can be addicting. You just have to stop yourself from watching it and learn to make fun of it." Again, crackin' up!

Some comments on food... "I hate frosting, it's the worst food ever. I don't like sweet stuff too much." ( he is maturing isn't he?)

Referring to the vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup he just finished..."It's like a party in my mouth!"

This boy is always entertaining good or bad. We love him!!!