Friday, January 22, 2010

Isn't It Ironic????

That the very morning that my computer crashed I was starting an online account to back up my computer.......
yes, you heard me right.
My computer was NOT backed up.
10,000 + pictures, journals, downloads, actions....not backed up.
I'm an idiot.
I know.
To say I was freaking out was an understatement.
Thankfully, my computer guy came right over and took it away.
He didn't call me for 3 days.
I was resigned to having lost it all.
I didn't :)
He did say that had he not gotten it so quickly, when it started to crash...he wouldn't have been able to save it.
I'm SO happy.
I've promised the first thing I'm going to do is back it up.
That will be an easy promise to make.
I kinda was freaking out a little.
The other funny thing about that day...
I was needing to turn in a scrapbooking assignment on line...something getting published in a scrap magazine. It was a stressful day.
So I had to install a few programs on my kids computer and start working from here.
Anyhow...because of that I do have a few photos at my fingertips here in the playroom.
SO i'll introduce you to my Christmas present......
Isn't she lovely???
Our playroom has looked like a trashed college dorm room for over 5 years.
I was over it.
We'd always talked about doing this in here...but just never got around to it, never felt we could afford it.
But now we had Ikea up the road and I was certain we could come up with something affordable.
I never dreamed it would be this fantastic!
I'm soooooo happy.

Everything fits!
Everything is organized, off the floor, out of plastic buckets
off old rickety book shelves.

We even were able to move a lot of stuff from another shelf downstairs that we are getting rid of. We freed up space in our linen closet.
I could go on and on!
Then we got an nice new desk for the computer.
Popped it with these shnazzy red chairs.

Found these awesome cloth covered buckets from Home Goods for a lovely price!
They hold gobs of toys and come in several sizes.
This big one here...it's got ALL the little people stuff (excluding the big sets obviously!)
I plan on buying just a couple more.

Found this clock at HomeGoods too.

We moved our old couch from the living room up here and put
a classy slip cover on it.
Also found this shaggy yellow pillow at HOmeGoods.
The space above the couch will hold a large canvas
print of the fam...if I ever get around to ordering it!
Will also add some new photos to the self.

Here is Kristen's little school corner.
This was the of much concern to her when we
took everything in the room apart.
Where???? was here stuff going to be??

All I need to to do now is make some cute valances...that is when I find that perfect fabric!
We are also thinking of getting a big rug for the room to finish it off.
That will come when the perfect one comes along!
If you've made it this far in the post...than thank you!
You are a survivor!
Hoping to get my computer back soon, back it up
and start printing some of those pictures! :)
Happy Friday...think we will be seeing The Lovely Bones tonight.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Part 2: The boys

I think the boys quite enjoyed their Christmas.
Jack wanted EVERY Imaginext set known to man.
Though top on his list was the big snake castle.
Which Santa obliged him with.
He didn't even want to open any other presents
until those things were freed from their box prison.
(and can I just say....THANK YOU to toy manufacturers....they have finally come up with a way to lock down those toys, and yet still make them possible to remove without ripping off all your fingers!)
I had to laugh as I looked back through the pictures I took...
do you see what I see???
Not a face to be had!
But I did seem to capture him picking his nose
as he checks out What's in Ned's Head game.
On to Nathan.
I have noticed over the years how he has perfected
the look of shock and awe!!!!
And then of course...the lifting of the great gift above the head!
I do believe he considered Christmas to be a success.
Santa gave him a backpacking tent ( for all those scout camp outs).
I replaced his old scooter (that I ran over ;) with a spark scooter.
Which by the way...is lame. You can't see the spark.
Although the box and commercials act like it's this big ol' flame.
It's more like...wait, do it again...i think i saw something........i think you have to ride in the dark.
We also got the kids Guitar Hero, World Tour.
They are rocking out all the time these days.
My great gift....will be coming soon.
I have a bit of cleaning up to do ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas, Part 1: the girls

Santa had BIG dreams to fill this year for these two little ones.

The greatest desires of their hearts had gone and were going the way of retirement.

I mean really...when they make an adorable American Girl doll, and then they NAME it after you (kind of)...how could you NOT want it, desperately!!!!

Samantha's letter to santa went something like this:
Dear Santa,
Please, please, please. I am begging you.
Please bring me the Samantha
American Girl doll.

And in case your not up on the latest AG news, Samantha was retired this summer, much to our surprise and upset. But our Samantha knew that if anybody could make it happen...Santa could.

And guess what?????
HE DID!!!!!!!! that Santa...he's amazing! I think he must have literally jumped up and down for joy when he found her!

And then, wouldn't you know it...Kristen's doll Kirsten was being retired at the end of the year. She found that out sometime in December and looked on the AG website and saw that the doll had been sold out. You should have seen the tears well up in her eyes when she announced that news to me....it was truly, the saddest thing. She worried so badly that I wouldn't be able to get it for her. So once again...the trust and faith in Santa was desperate!

And just look at the peace on that face down there...when she saw it was her.

Santa's elves were also very busy and made little beds for the dolls with their initials (same as their owners...isn't that fancy???). They also made adorable little bedding sets to go with their beds so they would have a safe place to lay their heads.

It was a very sweet Christmas!

and on another note: i still haven't refinished that big old cabinet back there......ahhhhhh things to do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas PJ's

Ok, so that last post was depressing.
But true.

Lets move on to funner things.

I'm slowly working on my Christmas photo's.
Wasting time, playing around and decorating them ;)

I didn't take as many as I usually do and am a little
disappointed at what I missed.
Oh well, I'm sure I've more than made up for it in past years!

Here are the kids in there new pj's.
And I'm pleased as punch that the big
T a r g e t bag of trash is positioned
so perfectly behind Kristens head! ;)

Happy Monday!!!!
I will be busy trying to get back in the swing of things
and all the business that comes with life!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Ridance 2000 and 9.

I am NOT sad to see you go.
You were very mean to my family and I.

You sapped ALL of my strength
....and hope.

There were many times I felt un-able
to cope, to carry on, to feel peace.

For the first time...
I asked that unanswerable

You were so mean,
I don't dare dream that
2010 will be my friend.

Whatever it has to offer
I will go into it with my family
for whom I am SO grateful.

For healthy children,
a mostly healthy husband :)
a job
a home
and faith in my Heavenly Father
that he has a plan for me
and that with him we will survive.