Friday, January 25, 2008


Doug's surgery on his hand went great yesterday. He is feeling good and having very little pain so far. We won't know for a while how well it worked, obviously. He will start phys. ther. on Monday.

This nice little chunk of glass was removed from the top of his hand. Back in July the Dr's. said it would just work it's way out eventually. Well, nearly 7 months later it was still happy where it was and a big fat bother! We had no idea how big it would really be. Could have been just a speck but turned out to be as big a chunk as we thought it would be. For being just under the skin, that suckers huge!

It's a creepy little reminder.

We feel a sense of completion with this surgery. Hopefully there will be nothing else and he can really focus on a full recovery now. Not sure how long he will have to do phys. ther. on the hand, but he is still working on the shoulder and doing well with that. S O M E D A Y he will be physical therapy free! Someday. Thanks for all the love!

{Somebody outta put some lotion on the dry withered finger!}

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hard to believe it's been 2 years since this night. The night that Jack was born. The night that everything went wrong. We had no idea he would be born so sick. Had no idea we could have lost him. But we didn't. Tonight I gave him lots of extra kisses and hugs. Remembering that 2 years ago I wasn't allowed to hold him for 5 unbearable days. Hard to believe, looking at him now, that he was ever so sick. We are so grateful for this busy, determined, happy, crazy little boy!

We had a great time celebrating Jacks birthday this weekend with grandma and grandpa. Two is simply not enough, so here are a few things I love about this boy.
1. His obsession with Yo Ho's (pirates) and Mickey Mouse, hence the pirate/mickey theme party
2. The way he talks, emphasizing certain words with that low, growly, drawn out voice
3. How independent he is. Loves to help himself in the fridge and cupboards (not necessarily a good thing) Likes to drink out of a regular cup instead of a sippy
4. That he has learned to bounce on the big bouncy balls, he is barely tall enough but has figured it out somehow
5. That out of the blue one day he said "I want PIE...long pause...PUNKIN pie" don't know where he came up with that one!!!
6. That when he sees the Target sign, and when we go in he says "I want hocgog" (that would be hotdog) even if it's 9:00 in the morning.
7. That all he has to hear is the word Costco and we get "I want pittha" (pizza) It only takes one time for things to stick with this kid.
8. That despite my best efforts, he is proving to be left handed
9. That he asks for hugs and kisses when he goes to bed
10. That he is ours!!!


You would think by the look on Nathan's face that he is completely surprised by what he sees. That would be HIS present to Jack.

He's going pro any day now!


"Grandpa...(pause) CAKE." Jack had to make sure that Grandpa knew he was eating cake!

Jack likes his "birthday (pause) CAKE" as he puts it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


One of the millions of things we did last week was attend the Pine Wood Derby.
Nathan worked really hard making his car. He designed it, sanded it, painted it, and put it together. It's theme is a basketball team. The loser mother that I am, couldn't tell you what team! Out of 20 plus cars he took 2nd overall. Big victory for the Monson household. We are so proud of him!!!

Don't let this picture fool you...they had a great time

Princess On Ice

I caved and made a last minute decision to take the girls to this little diddy.

Took Kristen 4 years ago and Samantha was feeling left out. She'd been beggin for weeks, and I simply ignored her. Friday, the guilt set in and I quickly bought tickets for that night.

Persuaded a friend to come along and we had a GREAT time. Enjoyed my zoom lens as I took illegal photographs. They had big signs at the entrance that no cameras allowed. I was bummed until I saw the millions of flashes going off, so we went with it. Clearly it was a rule they were not enforcing!

Samantha, Alexis, and Kristen

I think the girls had as much fun riding the moving walkway after the show with their Ariel snow cone cups. Clearly we stuck around long enough for the crowds to die down. Hence the sitting on the walkway!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here is Kristen in her sweetest voice asking if anyone wants to buy cookies from her.
How can you resist that face?
Forget New Years resolutions, cookies are better.
She only has to sell 200 :(
If your interested let us know.
Jen...you want your 10???
P.S. hey locals, I will deliver :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Bits

1. I realized today (again) that I still have a x-mas cd in the car that comes up after we've endured another round of a Disney Pirate cd. And yet, I don't remove it, but listen to it until Jack screams at me for YO HO again!

2. In the last 8 days I have exercised 5 times. Not bad, but not perfect.

3. I finished Twilight. It was G O O D ! It has been the only thing getting me through the treadmill. Got to get the next book SOON or my exercising may be in jeopardy.

4. I have not slept well for a week now. Some subtle aching inside, can't get comfy. Must be my pathetic attempts at exercise. I am drop dead tired right now.

5. Because I have not been sleeping well I have had a headache everyday for the last week. And according to my husband I have been a bit raunchy(sp?) at times. Can't argue that.

6. I can't WAIT for Lost to start up again on Jan. 31. Heather, are you ready!?!

7. We get to start selling girl scout cookies (for the first time!) this weekend. Yaaay...if you could hear me you might notice the sarcasm in my voice.

8. About a month ago Samantha noticed she had a loose tooth. Hello, she's barely 5! Anyway, she couldn't believe it. So exciting, though it does freak her out a bit, therefore she is not helping it along at all. Ok, so the weirder thing is, last week I saw in her mouth a permanent tooth growing in BEHIND the loose tooth. So she has extra teeth right now. We are so screwed. The orthodontist may as well start garnishing our wages for the money were gonna owe. All my poor kids seem to have gotten my mouth ,(it wasn't pretty).

9. I'm going visiting teaching tomorrow, for the 1st time in over 6 months. Pa=the=tic! But hey, I say, don't give me new partners and new people I don't even know when my life is in crisis.

10. Yes, we succumbed, and took the kids to Alvin and the Chipmunks this weekend. (Why isn't it called Dave and the Chipmunks?) I know I was warned, but they wanted to see it BAD! They loved it and laughed out loud through the whole thing. It was worth it for that.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

Okay, kinda puttin' myself out there with these, but I like them.
January 2006. 2 weeks before baby Jack Jack was born.
One and only prego photo shoot.
A first for Heather and Stephanie, who took em'.
Thanks girls.
We did Heathers a few months later and Stephs the next year.
We have had fun exposing each others belly's!
hmmm...let's check Heathers archives to see if she posted any of hers in May 06' ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

He's an Angel

At least that's what he wants you to believe.
But when your not looking, this is how it really goes down.
Yesterday morning...just a few minutes left on the treadmill and he walks in buck naked. Thinks he's cool, gettin' the clothes and the diaper off (I think he had some help with the clothes). Next thing I know, pee all over the floor. It's fun stuff jumping off a treadmill with no transition to a non moving surface.
Bath time...so sweet, had my camera near by, took a few shots. Go to put my camera out of reach when I hear him screaming "Poo, Poo. Yuckeeeeeee." Yep, you got it. Lots of it too. Jack is freaking out standing in the water trying to get away. Samantha is disgusted and intrigued all at the same time. I yank him out, tell him to stand on the towel so I can drain and disinfect the tub. Samantha says with a little to much hope "are you going to pick that up with your bare hands!?!" Sick. No I say. Toilet paper.
So, I'm getting that all cleaned up when sweet little Jack Jack, now off the towel, pees on the floor again! I may as well be potty training for the pee I'm cleaning up!
Get everything clean, put him back in the tub to wash up when he sees a fuzzy or something floating in the tub. He goes hysterical! "Yuckeeee, poo poo" . He would not sit down till I fished the little bugger out. Still, couldn't get him outta the tub fast enough.

Monday, January 7, 2008

My New Best Friend

Me and him...we're gonna be tight this year.
We spent 30 minutes of good quality time together today.
Hope it lasts.
I'd like a diet coke now, thank you.
Maybe a cookie to go with it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ahhh...Glorious Sunday

Church starts at 9am...yes, that's right and it's glorious.

No more lounging the morning away then racing to get ready, stuff down some lunch and still be late for 1pm church. Pathetic, I know! Then home at 4pm, debate whether or not to put exhausted baby down for a late nap, try and fix dinner before we've had too many snacks cause we're all starving to death, and pretty much the day is done for.

Today it went like this...Up and ready for church, on time by the way! Home at noon, enjoy a nice lunch, put baby down for a good nap, kids off to play...and for me, an afternoon of scrapbooking. Ahhhh, so glorious!!!

Oh, and we all basically changed into pajamas for the rest of the day.

Here's a little look at the boys on this day.

Nathan with his new best friend...ipod

Like his brother, Jack has found his love for pirates.
A little earlier than Nathan did, but love is in the air!
It must stem from our Disneyland trip. He calls the pirates
ho's (like yo ho...I know what you were thinking!) and the boat is "ship".
Thank goodness we are not lacking in the pirate play around here.