Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Rainy Day (not really)

 After whipping out 3 layouts with the March kit over at My Scrapbook Nook
I got in a funk.
My mojo had left me high and dry ;(
So stuff just sat for almost a week.
Then I got an idea with one of the papers in the kit.
It was replication book cover.

A mini album....it certainly wasn't a genius idea, but one I was excited by.
It reminded me of the pictures I had of Samantha from last summer playing with an umbrella.

 You can't tell from here but the umbrella girl is popped up.
There are two layers of this image....in case you want to know ;)
I loved the print as it was and didn't want to alter it much.
 I don't usually enjoy making mini albums. 
They are too repetitive and I tend to get bored before I ever finish them.
This one ended up being really fun.....because I put each page together and made them all DIFFERENT!

 The outside cover folds over and attaches to the sheet in back, then I added some black gaffer tape to each individual page/insert for binding purposes.  I stacked everything together and stitched it with my sewing machine.  Because of the gaffer tape each page turns easily and doesn't rely on the card stock to do the bending ;)

 On this set I used the MME tag that came in the kit (you see the back of it here) and one of the little yellow journaling tags from Crate.  I used a piece of the book binding paper to make the little green tab on the yellow tag.  Under the yellow tag you can see the overlay piece with a brown edge and pink tab attached.  There is nothing else on that....just a fun little element page.
 The clear overlay is standing straight up in this photo and amazingly you can't see it ;)  I filled out the back of this journaling tag about how nurturing Samantha is to little ones.  She is my little mommy.
 Lots of journaling here.  These next two tags are inserted individually and can turn on their own.  One contains journaling and the other a photo (duh ;)
I always start to fade a little at the end of any book and struggled to get this last page together.  But I'm happy with it....especially cause it's done!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have fallen.....

and I can't get up.
You ever have one of those days????
I woke up in a complete fog today.
Soooooo tired and NO energy.
Not sure if it's the MS or what,
but this happens more than it used to.

So for now, I am chilling in bed.

I also seem to have fallen off the blogesphere (is that a word???) ;)
My scrapping mojo took a vacation and I have just felt blah this last week.

I thought I would spend the weekend scrapping lots....but I ended up spoiling my girls instead.

We enjoyed a little girls weekend as the boys headed up to Utah to see a Jazz game.
They had fun, partied hard.....and SO did we ;)

We had a sleepover with some best friends ;)
I made them dinner and served their soda's in our "fancy" glasses.
 Kristen and Blake are wanna be rock stars and they have been writing songs for a few years now.
They fine tuned a few things and put on a show for us ;)
Here is the audience.....
 Here are the rock stars!
 They sang songs about food ;)  Their big hit is "Watermelon"  it's quite clever and cute really.
And I've completely forgotten all the others!
The paparazzi was there too ;)
They've started a new song.
Licorice Coma...it's sure to be a hit ;)
They are ready to head into the studio to record their album.

 They got silly late at night and watched princess movies (cause they are so big now)

Ended up out on the trampoline the next morning talking girl talk I'm sure!
After the guest went home the girls and I headed out to the salon for some mani's and pedi's.

Hit the movies after that and saw the new Diary of  Wimpy Kit.  It was hillarious and so fitting considering the weekend we just had ;)  It was awesome.

We ended our day snuggling in my bed watching another movie.
It was such a fun weekend with my little girls.

I did squeeze in a little scrapping here and there and will share what I came up with tomorrow.
I'm excited about it ;)

Ok, now I really need to get my act together and get up today.
Seriously, I feel like a brick laying here!

Monday, March 21, 2011


ME!  (and the shortest post evah!)
I'm so excited ;)
you'll also see a new layout.

check it....Get Picky

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a little Overdue!

My little Samantha was baptized back in November but with winter fast approaching we never went out for a fun little photo shoot.
Months quickly passed by without an opportunity to do it.
It was either too cold, too windy, someone was sick...blah blah blah.

Finally, we went this last weekend.
The temps were perfect but the clouds...not so much.

When we left just before sunset the clouds had totally filled in and it was much darker than I would have liked.  But it worked out ok.
Her and I had a lot of fun, after all the people that were hanging around the area left.  It took Samantha a while to warm up.  She does NOT like an audience!

We got some lovely sweet shots.......

A little running.....

 Then what I like to call my money shots!

These are my favorites!!! Her personality, the glimmer (or stink) in her eyes!
Love it ;)

It's good to check that task off my list.
Worrying how far away we were getting from the moment.
Wanting her being 8 to still be fresh.  Done.

I'll leave you today with one more layout from my March kit.....
This is by far my fave right now.  Hope you like it too ;)

On another note....is it just me or is this new blogger set-up a big fat pain in the unowhat????
The pictures are difficult to rearrange, getting the typing where I want is a pain.  It has a mind of it's own!

Happy Friday....hope you have a marvelous weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Old School

I would love to go back in time and take better pictures of my babies.
To have a digital camera.
So I could adjust, re size and play with them.

But, since that's not possible, 
I did the next best thing.
I took a bunch of old negatives and had them put on disc.

This way I could brighten the darker ones, make b/w
and re size to my hearts content.
Granted, they are not as good of quality, but they are better than the originals ;)

Waaaaayyy back in the day I thought I did ok with a camera.
I was aware of lighting.
But still, so many are dark.  I actually know that some of it was poor lab processing. 
I've reprinted some negatives and they've come out much brighter and nicer than the first time.

But still, I want to play.

The March kit for My Scrapbook Nook screamed little girl. 
It actually has a lot of versatile patterns on it and could be used for a lot of other subjects.
But I wanted to stick with girly girl. ;)

I found similar pictures of both my girls on their blessing days and wanted them side by side.
I had made a dress for Kristen and was so excited to be able to use it again for Samantha.

Here are my 2 girls, at 2 months of age.

This layout didn't quite turn out the way it started.
Still not sure if this is completely what I wanted, but it's what ended up being.

I loved this soft pink and knew it had to have ruffles.
The little white bow is actually one of the trims in the dress.

I love how this next one turned out.
LOVED the yellow gingham.  If you know me you shouldn't be surprised by that.
This little photo shoot is one I did of Kristen when she was so little.
See, even back then with my little 35 MM camera I liked to pretend I knew what I was doing ;)
I brightened up these photos and re sized them for this layout.
I love how happy the whole thing feels.
Just like my baby ;)

I so enjoyed being a mama to these little girls.....I would give anything to go back and live that time with them again.  I'm one of those who loved the baby phase.  Loved the newborn....enjoyed every sleepless night of it (well, you know....mostly ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

i NEVER saw it

As a mom we know our kids like nobodies business.
We know the little personality coming out of a certain smile.
The meaning behind a cry or a laugh.

And we know their looks better than any other.
When my girls came along.....they were like night and day to me.

One blond hair and blue eyes, the other dark hair and the darkest of brown eyes.

Do you see what I mean...night and day!

They are both 2 months old here.
Kristen then Samantha.

Somewhere along the way people started commenting at how similar they were.
Even suggested they might be twins.
Are you mental?????
Do they LOOK like twins....do they even LOOK the same size????
They are 2 1/2 yrs. apart.
I always thought it was funny.  I'm mean seriously, just look at these two.
And personality....oh my.....not even the same.

This last week I pulled out my back up hard drive.
Wanted some certain pictures.
Started looking through months and months of photos from 2007.
The first year I owned a digi camera!
And I saw this.......

Oh.my.goodness.......Everybody else has seen it.
I never did.
But in these photos....they are the same.
I never understood what other people saw.
But I can see here....what strangers see.
What people who don't know them, see.
 I'm a little bit blown away by this.

Happy Monday everyone.
I hope you see something new today ;)

btw....I got my kit ;)
enjoying some scrap time to be sure!
Will share some layouts tomorrow.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apparently it was Friday today ;)


Because I almost missed this announcement ;)
From these guys.......

It gives us the greatest pleasure in welcoming the following gorgeous girls to our Get Picky family..
In making this announcement, we also want to acknowledge our two amazing designers who will not be continuing.  We were thrilled when both Kathie and Christine agreed to come and play and to be part of our very first Get Picky Team.  We thank you both so sincerely for all you hard work and for sharing your stunning creations with us.
We also want to  thank everyone who took the time to submit an application for our design team call.  We were absolutely blown away by the number of applicants (over 80) for our very first call and by the awesome talent we had to choose from.  We so appreciate you sharing your beautiful work with us.  (copied straight from their blog)

Did you see my name up there?????....I'm SO excited! And can't believe they picked me out of all those applicants.  I feel so lucky.  I love designing and being challenged with my scrapping.  All the girls are amazing and I can't wait to make new friends ;)

Thanks again!!!!!!!

It's Coming It's Coming!!!!

The March kit at My Scrapbook Nook is finally coming!!!!
We have all been drooling and dieing over this one.

It is the latest and greatest from Crate.
That being said.....it's late ;)
But that's what happens with CHA and
wanting to have the newest stuff for our kits.

March usually ends up going out late...but it will SO be worth the wait.
It should be at my door any day now ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

On a Beach Somewhere

That's where my brain has been apparently.....
Because that is what I've been scrapping lately ;)
I love digging through old (pre-digital) pictures.
Had these fun October Afternoon papers I hadn't used yet
and these pictures were perfect.
I don't often do double pagers, but I just had to use all of these.
And since they aren't digital......the size I have is the size it is ;)

This is Samantha on a vacation one year...her first time at the beach.
She wasn't too impressed with the sand and didn't want to touch it.
Love her completely perplexed look she keeps giving the sand.

Here's another set of beach pictures.
A little more recent.
I just love this one and wanted to duplicate it.
I look at this picture and see my whole world.
So I decided to go with a non beach title.
Even at the edge of the world...we are home, as long as we are together ;)
I know....mushy.....but true ;)

This is a mix of a lot of stuff.....some Studio Calico papers, October Afternoon, Basic Grey.  I even resurrected an old fabric type tag that you used to be able to buy.  I love mushing all kinds of stuff together ;)


As for the weekend.
It was a good one.
Got some chores done.
Got some more scrapping done....I heart Sundays ;)
Even squeezed in a date night.
Saw The Adjustment Bureau....I highly recommend it.
The cast is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

As for Jack....when asking me to set up some toys for him
said this  "Mom, I command you!"


Monday, here we come ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Self Portrait of an old girl.

Self portraits.....feel silly doing them.
But you know what....I think it's a good thing to have.
With all the documenting I do of my family.....
I know they will enjoy seeing me as much as they do themselves.

Had a birthday recently.....wondering how on earth I got here.
Pretty sure I'll be wondering the same thing when I'm 80 ;)

When I started this blog I did 100 things about me.......today I think I'll do 39 ;)

Thing numba
1.  I enjoy being alone.
2.  I am a homebody....big time.
3.  I LOVE to eat out.
4.  I like to organize stuff.
5.  LOVE Harry Potter...books and movies.
6.  Sometimes I feel socially awkward.
7.  Tend to be pretty quiet in large crowds.
8.  Not good at small talk.
9.  Always feel awkward when given compliments.
10.  I've definitely lost brain cells ;)
11.  Scrap booking is my sanity.
12.  I love taking photographs.
13.  I hate editing them.
14.  I don't mind doing the laundry.
15.  I do mind cleaning the kitchen.
16.  Love bubble baths.
17.  I don't like to exercise.
18.  I really really need to.
19.  I'm getting bored with this....are you????
20.  I love it when it rains.
21.  I love to decorate.
22.  Love spring and summer colors.
23.  I really enjoy my kids.
24.  Though, not afraid to admit,  I need time away from them.
25.  I love country music.
26.  I'm addicted to movie theater popcorn....at the movies!
27.  I'm slowly trying to minimize....stuff.
28.  This will be my less is more year ;)
29.  I really love my friends.
30.  Love going out to lunch or dinner with said friends.
31.  I'm still not as mature as I thought I would be at this point.
32.  Love a good pair of jeans.
33.  I have an awesome husband.
34.  Love our date nights.
35.  My mom and I have SO much fun together.
36.  I stay up way to late.
37.  and don't like to get up in the morning.
38.  I'm really worried about my health right now.
39.  McCormick & Schmicks has the BEST apple pie EVAHHHHH!!!!
       wish I could eat it everyday ;) or at least today ;)

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Scrapping

Somehow I've managed in quite a few scrap pages lately. 
I think it's therapy. 
Cheaper right????

It's been fun to pull out some product that I haven't had a chance to use yet. 
I love doing my design work but it's fun sometimes to use whatever ;)

For this layout I played along at the Crate sketch challenge they had up last week.
Love this picture of the kids with Shrek....they were all legitimately surprised by the big Ogre ;)
We kinda just walked into him and wasn't expecting it.

This layout is for the punch challenge over at Lily Bee.  I adore their products and can't wait to get my hands on all their new lines.  This paper is from their Christmas line.  Even though this isn't a Christmas photo I thought the paper was so pretty and would work anyways.  I punched a bunch of circles then cut them in half to make my bunting that runs through the title.  Loved this technique and will do it again for sure ;)

One last layout today.  Loved this rainbow paper from Crate and Studio Calico.  So bright and fun.  I had printed these pictures of the girls to use with some other paper but as soon as I got this paper my plans changed ;)  Just a couple of sun flair pictures I tried last summer.

Thanks for looking....I've got quite a few more actually and will try to share them this week ;)