Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Get Picky Inspiration!

The new inspiration prompt is up at Get Picky.
I'm sure you're surprised to hear I loved the blues and yellows.
You wouldn't be able to tell.at.all. if you came to my house ;)
heee heeee heee!

This prompt gave me lots of inspiration!
I've been wanting to do these pics of Kristen on her 10th b-day last year....10 in twenty10 ya know ;)
Loved the whole party feel of it all and used some of my favorite things here.
The gray AC alpha; the yellow JB butterfly; and some of my fave SC papers ;)

Hop on over and see what the rest of the design team came up with.  I think we all totally enjoyed it!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Serious Business I tell Ya!

You'd think by the looks on these kids faces, that egg dieing was do or die business!
We set up the table outside and let them go to town.
I dare say they had a good time......though hardly a smile was cracked for the camera!

 The naked truth.
 Diving in.
 Little Jack....had it all down.
His was a get her done kinda attitude!
 ooooh....a smile.
From Kristen of course!
 Just look at that evil eye.....checking out the competition.
The boys.
My step daughter Kathryn ;)
She may as well be, she's here almost as much as the others....and we love her.
Creative coloring here.


Spring break was fun.....and exhausting!
I worked my fingers to the bone in the back yard all week.
I couldn't believe how many weeds I had to pull.
All the pruning and re-planting of a few new things.
But it was worth it, the yard looks nice.

The kids were in friend mode all week (and mostly at our house!)
Lots of swimming, lots of eating and lots of mess making.


In honor of Easter here's a little layout I did last month using Lily Bee of the girls at Easter a few years ago.

Monday, April 18, 2011

This is How It's Done

Somebody scored himself some sweet wheels this weekend.
Then he got taken for a ride this evening....this is how it went down.

 Get the helmet adjusted.

 Check out your cool sketchers on the pedals.
Let daddy chase you around the soft basketball court just in case you fall, 
which by the way only happened once.
 Take off on your own...for a minute.
 Then practically run daddy off the side walk cause you can't steer as well as you can balance.
Ride off into a pretty sweet sunset.
Ready to come back another day
for just a little more practice!

He's pretty proud of himself!  Was convinced he wouldn't be able to ride a 2 wheeler till at least kindergarten.  For some reason kindergarten and bike riding go hand in hand.  Not anymore!!!
Boooo yaaaa!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Sketch at Get Picky

My first design team assignment is up at Get Picky along with the sketch.

I am gonna have so much fun with this. Love the inspiration, the prompts, the chance to use whatever products my little heart desires. I'm telling ya, it's fun to pull out papers I love but haven't had time to use ;)

Take a gander,  then hop on over to Get Picky and play along!!!

The title here says....You'll smile.....when the cows come home.
Silly I know, but I came across this paper with the cows on it and figured it was perfect for how I felt when trying to take these pictures of Jack.
Although I thought I wanted him to smile,  once I saw these I knew they were priceless ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lots O' Scrappy Goodness

Happy (hot) weekend!
We're having a little Spring Fever at The Nook this weekend.
Some fun challenges and prizes.....low  key, nothing stressful....Just FUN!

Hop on over here and check out all the little challenges and maybe you'll win a fun little RAK from one of the designers.

This is my challenge.....create a layout using a SUN ;)

The papers are Crate Neighborhood that we had as an add on option last month at the Nook.
To make the sun I just free hand cut some long triangles, some  big some little and then layered them around to make my sun. One of the papers has these little hexagons, so I just cut out a yellow one and layered it with a button for my center.

As for the April kit here are a few more layouts.....

Sometimes I get ideas that I want to do....like with this one. I wanted to circles. I don't do a lot of circles, so I wanted  to try it.  I ended up having a lot of fun with the mix of colors that I could incorporate because  of all my little circles.  AND this is the first time I've ever scrapped studio pictures ;)  Samantha at 1.
For this layout I knew I wanted to keep it simple and clean. But I wanted a sun to go with my sunny pictures. A paper sun like my other layout was too bold. So machine stitch I did and I loved how subtle it turned out.
I also made a sketch to go with it for the sketch challenge over at the Nook.

Thanks for looking at all my junk!
My keyboard is starting to stick and my spacer  is sticking half the time.....typing is turning into a mess!

Today we bought Jack a bike!
He's so excited,  though the one we picked didn't have training wheels, so he'll be learning how to ride it quickly I hope!
Hopefully I'll get some pictures of him soon to share.
I'm finding that I don't pick up my camera near as much these days.
The big kids don't want it in their faces and most of the time Jack is sitting in the middle of a HUGE disaster called toys and playing in his orange shirt and other shade of orange shorts.
That's how he rolls man.

Happy Saturday!!!!
(back to cleaning)

Monday, April 11, 2011

April at My Scrapbook Nook!

Here's the latest kit at My Scrapbook Nook!
I'm totally loving this one.  Love all the bright colors!
This one here of Jack.
About 2 years ago he was hooked on spongebob...and more specifically the song that sings "Now that we're men, we have facial hair, now that we're men...."  On this day he was outside playing and found some leaves that he then turned into a mustache and sang his song!
That boy....he keeps me laughing.
Kristen.  Some of the pictures I took last summer during my photography class.

I've got a few more layouts with this kit I'll share this week.
Happy Monday, ya'll!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday

 Have I told you how much I love this March kit from My Scrapbook NOok???
I'm feeling very inspired this week and have lots of ideas floating around the old noggin.

Just wish I had more time (or was more focused....cause lets be honest, that's more likely the problem!)
I did get 2 more layouts done this week and I have one more I really want
to get done before the next kit comes in.

This first one is Kristen with her baby doll she got for her first birthday.
We still have this doll actually.  A little worse for ware and some
added art work to her face thanks to a brother....and probably not the younger one!

More blessing pictures.  This is Kristen.
We have the sweetest little tatted shoes that a friend from law school made for her.
They are like lace....so beautiful!!
I was looking back at all my layouts for this kit and you know what.....
They are all of Kristen ;)
Though I did do an entire mini on Samantha....so that's fair right ;)

I seem to go through spurts where I focus on one kid for a while then move on to someone else.
I have a feeling the next kit will feature more of Samantha. (cause I know it's a spunkier style)

As for the weekend...hoping to do lots of scrapping....I tell ya, I'm totally wanting to scrap!!!
Looking forward to conference.
I need some serious inspiration right now.

Hope you all have a super fun weekend!!!
I leave you with Jacks thought for today

"Mommy, I don't think I want to die and go to heaven, there might be camels up there and camels are stinky....P.U. "(with the nose squeezing and hand waving to go with it!)


Does he not realize that we STILL have camels????  I mean, they didn't leave with the Wise Men!!!