Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Next Please

The next sewing project is underway! It's good too, cause I have like a mountain of sewing projects awaiting me right now!
This one, is white, obviously. It's a baptism dress, for Kristen.
She has cracked me up with this thing. She has said all along that she didn't want anything fancy. So when we went to the fabric store to "look", I envisioned some cute little cottony sundress or something kinda regular, ya know? But what do her little eyes glom onto? The fanciest thing I'd ever seen! So I ask her, "thought you didn't want anything fancy". She says I don't, "well what do you call this?" So she proceeds to find a pattern that is all covered in lace and tulle and some big hoop underneath, ya know, gaudy as all get out! That she says is "fancy". OH. Not at all what I thought we were doing!
The pattern, I must say, was NOT my favorite. I suggest we keep looking and can even look in the stores if she would like. She agreed to looking in the stores as long as we bought this pattern as well. Well, du, not buying a pattern and going to the stores too! So, she decides she can't part with this thing and must buy everything today. Great, we're talking taffeta or silk with lining and 3" lace and stuff, Ew, I'm thinking. But again, she surprises me. The first fabric she sees is a cotton................covered in embroidery and sequins! Not quite the fabric the pattern calls for, but I figure we can make it work. She is THRILLED!!!! Me, very unsure of this "special" dress.
So to make a long story short, I have started the dress. Will not be doing the poofy tulle lining underneath, and I think (I will admit) it just might turn out to be beautiful!
She is ecstatic to say the least at it. It's her dress, she should be!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Week in Review

This week has felt super busy. Have been gone a lot and working on some projects. Haven't seen my soap all week! But I feel pretty good about the things I've accomplished. Lets lay it out, shall we???

MONDAY...exercised! Whew, that was a good one. Took Sam and Jack on a bike ride for quite a while. I love being out on my bike, why don't I do it more often? We actually loaded up the trailer and took some deliveries around to people. Finished up my auction dresses and delivered them to Garaghty. They turned out SO cute. Loved the fabric she chose and the skirts are so full and twirly! The two kids plus the stuff made for a rather HEAVY trailer and a harder work out. It was so exhausting that even Jack fell asleep on the ride home!

TUESDAY...Field trip with the 5th graders. Got to ride the stinky ol' bus with em too. Woohooo! We had a good time. Went to a 51's baseball game.

Doin' the YMCA; obviously he needs more practice with his moves, just a little unsure of himself!

Shovin' that popcorn in two handed! Hopin' to get a ball tossed his way, didn't happen

The pitch!

All the kids had a lot of fun and they were able to get some autographs too. Nathan took his dads mit and got it signed. When they all came bouncing back to their seats shouting that they'd gotten autographs I asked who signed it, and he said "I HAVE NO IDEA" with total excitement!

WEDNESDAY... Busy with errands and then spent the entire afternoon editing and downloading prints to Costco. Got Kristen to dance then met up with Doug to take some pictures of one of his clients scars and deformities from an accident. They were hoping to get some really good shots that showed it all well. I must have succeeded because they were all impressed with me. :)

THURSDAY... Take your kids to work day. Yay. The 2 older got to go to court with dad and sit in on a hearing and speak to a judge. They love it! Me, I lounged the whole morning in bed nursing a bad headache. Me and the little ones met up with the workers for some lunch at Johnny Carrinos. Delish! We were waited on by some adorable middle schoolers who came to work with their mom. We never had such good service! They refilled our drinks and bread without us hardly having to ask. I then spent another afternoon downloading photos to Costco. Their quick-up load won't install on my Vistas so it takes an ETERNITY!!!!

FRIDAY...Ya know that urge that we all seem to have right now to stock up on some food storage? Ya well, I took the proceeds from our garage sale a few weeks ago (and then some) and hit Costco today. We have a sorry supply of food storage and I'm feelin' the heat. Bought a bunch of canned goods and baking supplies (from walmart). Wanted some rice, but alas, there was NONE to be had. I know, can you believe it. The rationing they are talking about is true. It was all gone! I could hardly push my cart it was so full and now I don't even know where to put all this food and ya know what...it's hardly a dent in what we should really have. Quite frankly I don't even know what we should really have. But I intend to spend the next few weeks really trying to get a good supply going.

Also picked up my picture order while there and I'm pretty excited by some of them. Got some sepia ones enlarged to update my wall and did an 8x8. I really stocked up on some scrappin' pictures so I can't wait to break into those!!!

Now for the weekend, where to begin, what projects to do!

Friday, April 18, 2008

My {big} Baby

Do you sometimes just really look into your kids eyes and take it all in? Really soak them up. I love to do that. To know for that instant that they are safe and happy and yours. I feel SO lucky to be a mother. To know that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with these beautiful spirits, that grow Way to fast. My little baby...he's not so little anymore, and it makes me sad. I try to snuggle and kiss on him as much as I can, when he's not driving me crazy with his tantrums and indecisiveness! He is my little buddy. We spend our days together. A good portion of it includes Samantha. Today we were out, shopping :), and I realized for a moment that soon she would be gone too. Off to kindergarten. The three of us have a good time together. Samantha is such a good big sister and loves on Jack and helps take care of him. His days pretty much go like this...
Jack up...at the crack of dawn...he usually comes in to me first thing (unless one of the kids are nearby and hook him up with some tv) asking for cereal crunch (cinn. toast crunch cereal) or saying "mommy, I hungry", or asking for a movie.
Half the time I put on a movie with my eyes closed, finally get to the play button and he throws a fit that he doesn't want that movie (even though he asked for it!) and then can't decide what he wants and gets all mad and throws a fit.

Once I get him settled (if possible) I crawl back into bed for a little more shut eye. Really, I got one eye open and one eye closed, cause somebodies always coming in for something.

We eventually get the kids off to school and Jack is so sweet about saying goodbye to his siblings.

He'll say "bye Nate, luf you" or "have a good day". the same to kristen and Samantha. What's funny is he'll throughout the day ask about them, or where they are. I have to remind him they are in school.

We usually just hang out in the morning, unless we have errands to run. Cleaning, playing, watching a movie (or two). He has a favorite list of movies which include Enchanted, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Little Einsteins, Peter Pan. He has thankfully gotten over his Spongebob and Pirates of the Caribbean obsession! He takes a nap in the afternoon, which is my time to play, when I can.

Once we get the kids from school they usually spend some time outside with him on the trampoline. He has come to expect this. He loves it when we get back from school and he instantly heads out back.

He's made new strides in speaking and is grasping more ideas. He's such a good talker and is really putting things together. Some of my favorite things he is saying lately are:

"Mommy, I take a bath, really hard" (that's his version of saying he wants something really bad).

The other day he threw this one out at me "mommy, chewies lalicious"

Later that same day as I was cooking dinner he said "mommy, I luf it, it tasey"

I love all this stuff he comes up with. I always think it's so sad when their language 'cleans' up.

The older my kids get the faster it seems to go by. Before I know it Jack will be off to school too. Then I will be alone. That will be a SAD day. I may just cry when that happens. Though knowing me...I'll find something to do. Until then, I'm trying to soak em' all up! I love them so much sometimes I feel like I'm gonna bust!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

9 1/2 MONTHS

Isn't that the name of a movie??? Well...that's how long it has taken for Doug to fully recover. That's right, we are DONE! He was released from physical therapy yesterday. No more 3 days a week for hours on end. He is good. He still has to do some stuff at home for his shoulder and hand but he is feeling back to normal. At least, the new normal. I was supposed to post this picture back when Doug had the surgery on his hand, but I never did. I worried that it would be too disturbing, but eh, it is disturbing and here it is, the picture of his hand with stitches and then a recent picture of his hand. The scars have gone down a bit, but this is probably what it will always look like. He's definitely walked away with his fair share of scars; the hand, arm, shoulder, the HEAD...but we are just so grateful that's all. He has worked SO hard through all of the physical therapy and surgeries. I am so proud of him and amazed by his strength and endurance through so much pain. We have been so blessed.
that little spot is where the glass was removed and the other...well, that's the area where the hand was crushed and they cleaned up the scar tissue to get back some range of motion. It worked pretty well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Been Workin'

On a few projects. Our ward had an auction a few weeks ago and I donated some sewing services. I made this skirt Samantha is wearing as an example. I now have 2 dresses to make, actually, I just finished the first one yesterday and am trying to get the next one done in the next few days. I'll post them when I'm done.
Samantha indulged me the other day and put on her favorite skirt and posed for me. Actually, she had ulterior motives. Scrapbook class is coming up and we need some pics of her, so of course she was happy to pose, since it suited her purposes. But you know, that girl, if she doesn't want her pic taken there is NOTHING you can do to get it!

you can click on the pic to get a better look at the skirt. it is pretty dang cute if I do say so!

A few Pics...

Here's my awesome mama and step dad; at the yummy Mexican restaurant we ate at in Palm Springs. I'm so hungry right now, this food is killin' me! (it's 11 pm!!!)

It snowed the day we were in Cedar City...can't believe how huge the flakes were
We were NOT prepared for the cold, no coats or nothing, poor Jack only had flip flops. but he played anyway.

My friend and I in Cedar City. standing at the front porch of her old house, the new owners tore the house down. Crazy! I grew up going to that house on the hill every summer. The girl in black is portraying Samantha for us...she would NOT get in the picture. That little girl is a cousin to my friends kids.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Track Break...Done

Done as far as I'm concerned! We have been particularly busy this one. Here's a list of what we've done...if I can remember it all...

Grandma and Grandpa came to town
Watched my 2 yr old niece for the 1st weekend
We ALL caught her nasty cold she brought down with her (we still love you Olivia)
Shuttle bussed kids back and forth to friends
Took kids to Natural History Museum...that place is a little sad and oooold
Got me a new bike (yet to ride it...)
Done lots of cleaning and purging (though you can't tell by the looks of my house!)
Went shopping with too many kids
Went to 29 Palms the 2nd weekend (thats in California)
Went to Palm Springs...to a street fair full of retired rich people
Found a delicious Mexican Restaurant and ate outside amongst lots of foliage!
Went on a Field trip with preschool to Smiths
Went to Cedar City overnight to visit a friend
Played in the snow
Pet and fed some horses
Cleaned some more
Had playgroup
Started some sewing projects
Getting ready for a garage sale!

Am I done yet?
I'll post pictures when my husband returns my laptop...its currently in Texas with him!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mamma Love

Got me some good mamma love this last week. My mom, finally retired, finally able to come at my command (kinda...if it fits in her busy social life). Spent the last week with me and the kids. Don't think I've ever gotten a full solid, really more than that, week from her, ever. It was heaven to me. She is my airport tower, she grounds me. She is solid and down to earth. Despite me being sick almost the whole week, we still had some good times. She cleaned out my fridge, cleaned my stove, cleaned lots of dishes, and best of all, cleaned out my head!

I've still been struggling with finding my little corner of happiness with myself. Stress has taken over, it has sucked the life right out of me. Read recently on a friends blog about finding your passion. What's your purpose, what are you passionate about, what is your mark on the world? All those thoughts have been plaguing me. Am I making a difference, do I have a passion for anything, do I inspire anyone at all!!!??? Feeling like a big freakin' loser...that's what.

But then mamma comes along. We sat in the hot tub one night, till our skin turned into prunes...and there, she grounded me. She asked me the one question I'd never thought of. "Where else would you rather be?" "What else would you rather be doing?" Nothing. I've got everything I've ever wanted. To be a mom, to stay home with my children. To have a man who loves me. I've never dreamed of having some big career. I don't need the "world" to approve of me. Only my family is who I need approval of. They are the ones I need to influence. They should be my passion. In Gods eyes, what I do with them is what really matters. They are my purpose, and in this season of my life, they need all my focus. It doesn't mean that I give up on myself, on my goals, on my hobbies. They are part of what makes me, 'me'. My passions may not be gigantic and influential, but they make me happy.

My mom, she makes me feel like it's ok to just be me. I don't have to be some big fabulous person who everyone loves and admires (pretty sure I'm not!) I think I matter to those that matter to me. And that's good.

I still wish I had more time to scrapbook (I'd have to say that's my passion, meager as it may be) it makes me breath, to relax, it regenerates me. So it's important to do these things. But as usual, it happens when I can squeeze it in between parenting, and cleaning, and blogging, and stuff. My life is good.
I just need to remember that!
I just neeeeeeeeed to remeeeeeeembeeeerr thaaaaaaat!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Rest

Geeze, has it really been almost a week since I posted? I don't know where I went, have no excuses! So here they are, my last glimpse into our Easter extravaganza! We had a really fun day. The kids didn't get there baskets till after church (9am!) We put them back exactly where the Easter Bunny had hid them. The kids were really worried about that. You see, we had to confiscate them before church or they'd have found em. Later we did our egg hunt and then had a yummy feast of ham and augratin taters (makes my mouth water just thinkin' about em!) To top off our Sunday, my brother and his family spent the night on their return from Disneyland.

The typical boring pose in front of the door. My back yard was way too sunny after church for anything but squinty eyes.
My and my baby later on in the shady back yard. He would hardly hold still for these photos. Seriously, that kid is way to busy.
The sisters. This is about all I got of Samantha, other than the group shots. She wanted nothing to do with pictures this day.
The loot from the hunt. As you can see Samantha wasted no time getting out of her dress. She, typically, is in jeans! Jack, rippin' open some candy. That boy just downs it till it's gone!
Just a few more of Jack. I like this one of him looking in his basket.