Friday, February 20, 2009

sshhhhhhhh....don't tell

i think i look stuuuuuPID!
that's what Samantha said about the little shoe/boot
the dr. gave her to wear for her broken toe.
it's a lovely black peep toe Velcro encrusted thick soled tennisandal
She HAAATES it and WILL NOT let me take a picture (though i'm gonna get one eventually)
and she told me i could not post a picture...she says it's too embarrassing.
Though...she failed to forbid me from telling the story. tee hee hee
and since i know ya'll want to know...

Samantha broke her toe!
It's dumb really, she was playing on a bouncy ball and just fell wrong, I guess.
She was screaming that her "toe did something funny"
that was an understatement as it was pointing out to the side
instead of straight up and tucked in.
It was Sunday night and we waited till Mon. am to take her in to Quick Care
They then referred her to a specialist as it's broke on the growth plate
she scootched around on her hiney for 2 days before we got in
and she got her fancy shoe so she could walk.

She's doing great now except being the fashion minded,
but don't bring attention to myself girl,
she doesn't want to go to school
cause "it's SO embarrassing!"

see the funny here???
I can't sit
She can't walk...
we're quite a pair!

oh and don't tell her I told ya!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so i learned (or maybe not)
a new trick to make my photos
if you scroll down a bit you'll see
the "trick"
has backfired.
They are outta control
can't figure out why some are nice and big
and some are freakish and big.
i've had to go back to my usual size
cause....i can't figure out why
they are SO outta control for me

Anyone know about this?????

Handy Manny Jack

jack was our little helper yesterday
putting some furniture together
it was very serious business
he called his tools by name
and told them to come along
as he moved around the bed.
telling them they had to "fix" stuff
he was dads big helper

after we spent the weekend painting this
(i think the colors look quite a bit off in this photo)
full results to come in a day or two
along with some Ikea cursing

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A tale of some teeth...

The tale is this...

Samantha is a toothless wonder!

They are falling out all over the place!

Here she sports the missing 2 front teeth.

It was hard to get a good picture,

she couldn't help but stick her tongue in the empty

space every time!

We made the event a little photo shoot...

here are a few more of this little sweety,

lovingly known as Sparkle!

The other tale is this one...
Our little brace face.

She was SO excited for these!

Go figure.

p.s. my butt hurts :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hangin' at the Homestead

Jack and I are just hangin' at home today...of course.
He wanted to pull out every pop up we had (which is just a few)
He tried out the basketball one and said
"i'm not winning the basketball!"
he got tired of that so we moved on to

the Jack in the box pop up! with tunnels. He is in the same pajamas he wore all day yesterday too. Don't judge me...at least he has clothes on. It's usually nothing.

After this he settled into a little Po of Kung Fu Panda.
On to the next thing...Sorry I forgot I never posted the final of Jacks room.
So da da da da........presenting....the little green room.

Just the bunk beds, a rug, and his train table.

This is the only artwork in the room. I kinda like it really simple and clean.
Besides that fact that there isn't much available wall space anyway.
I did buy some little doggy hooks from Ikea that I need to put up...somewhere.
Here is a closer up look at the t-shirts. I love how random they are and that I can change them out whenever I come across something I like better.
The orange wording says "I'm kind of a big deal" from the Anchorman movie. Love it.

As for Nathans makeover...the room has no new paint yet. I'm dying to get started and bum or no bum I am determined to get started by this weekend. Hey, I can stand.
But here is a little sneaky peak of his color scheme.

Now lets top off this random post with a layout of Jack at the beach last year.
I'm really dying to be productive...ahem.....in a crafty way.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It ended with a real bummer...

We took a quick trip up to Salt Lake last weekend for a family event.
Decided to cram in all the fun we could in the 2 days we were there.
We hit a Jazz game...kids thought that was really fun!
Price was low...seats were high.
can you say nose.bleeeeeeed.

Drove by the new Draper temple one evening. Meant to drive by during the day but circumstances left us forgetting that idea.

Isn't she b e a u tiful!

Took the kids sledding the day we planned to drive home.
This is where the story gets interesting.
You see...we took 2 cars up so we could make an Ikea run.
That meant both Doug and I had to drive.

We played in the snow, we sled, we laughed.
We had a goooooood time.
Except Samantha on this FIRST run.
She forgot what she had gotten herself into.
Just look at the terror on that face!

She got over it soon enough and they all had fun.

See....she's having fun now. Can you see the air they caught in this picture?
Both her and Jacks legs are flying up...I love it.
After riding down the hill with everyone Jack finally said to me
"I don't slide with Daddy, I don't slide with Nathan, I don't slide with Samantha, I don't slide with Mommy. I slide with Jack! Jack slide!"
So we did, we sent him on his way...alone. It was the funniest thing ever. So wish I had still had the camera out. But after I snapped a million shots, having no idea what I had gotten we put the camera back in the car so I could play too.

Any way.....the good part here is this...
Towards the end of our play Samantha and I went down together.
We quickly veered off (unintentionally)
into some little moguls.
We bounced down a few
Caught some air
and SLAMMED down
on the top of a peak.
My beeeehind didn't fair too well.
Officially...it's most likely fractured.
Officially....it definitely HURTS baaaaaaaad.
I couldn't drive, let alone even want to sit in a car for 6 hours.
I told Doug to go home without me.
His motto was "leave no man behind!"
So he talked his parents into driving us home and they have stayed this last week
helping me out. I am useless, for the most part.
I tried to drive last night to see if I could....
ya...not happening.
I can walk around ok, sit on the edge of something if I angle it just right and mostly, just lay on my side.
I don't know when I will be able to drive again.
Some of you may be hearing from me this week!
My kids gotta get to school!
oh and by the way...Samantha was ok, just hurt for a short time.