Friday, July 29, 2011

Where did the week go????

Gone in a flash I tell ya!!!

We have been busy around here running to and fro....taking care of things that need to be taken care of before school starts again.   Does it feel like school is right around the corner to you???  It does to me and all I can think about is how on earth is my body going to rise that early every.single.day!!!!!

We have definitely been lazy this summer.  So much for a routine and schedule that I dreamed of having when summer started.  I should just accept the fact that, that my dear....is not how I roll!!!  I'd like it to be,  but it's just not.

Oh well,  I grew up with lazy summer days.....and sometimes I like the idea of my kids having that too.  No structure, no rules (well maybe just a few) just fun.  Because certainly life gets structured and full of rules soon enough right?!!!  See, good, I just made myself feel better ;)

We at the Nook have received our August kit and it is yummy and happy!!!!  Just what I need right now ;)
Full of My Minds Eye Lime Twist...Jillibean Soup Ribbons, journaling sprouts and a stamp set.

This kit is feeling just right for all those un-scrapped pics of baby Jack!!!  Our little Doug ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Scrappy Schmappy

As promised....here are a few more layouts with the July kit at My Scrapbook Nook ;)

I went old school with these and pulled out some old photo's......actually, what I've done is this:  Every once in a while I'll go through the photo albums and pull pictures that I want to scrapbook.  These are all before my digi move so they are not always the greatest, and they are usually random, individual pics.  But they are the stories of my babies and I want to document them just as much as I do the fancier newer ones ;)  So I have a folder chuck full of old pics right at my fingerprints ;)

I've always loved these little ones of Kristen....the look on her face is so adorable, and of course her sitting in a baby doll cradle is cute as can be, right ?!!!!

First off....this layout was totally inspired by several that were shared on the October Afternoon website ;)
Do you know I didn't realize how precious this photo was until I pulled it out and thought about it for a moment.  This is the last photo I have of my grandma with my babies before she died. I adored her, best grandma ever and our kids called her GG.

This layout was based on our member inspiration over at the Nook. Our adorable Sherri made a layout that we lifted....you can find the thread here ;)   
Another one of Kristen.....I know I'm biased and all, but she's just toooooooo cute!!!!  I wish I could re-live her all over again....my joy over floweth when I think of her ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best of the Web!

Somehow....amongst the millions of amazing scrap blogs out there....mine got picked to be highlighted along with several other crafty blogs on Be@Home..Best of the Web #32.  This week they are sharing the world of papercrafting.

Their website....Become.com is shopping blog that features all kinds of interest and loads of information.  Obviously, it's more than just shopping...they share lots of ideas and links to fun stuff.

Go check it out ;)

Exciting Times at My Scrapbook Nook!

 My friend and boss-lady over at the Nook, Leah Killian is teaching a journaling class next month.
If you're anything like me, you need a little help when it comes to writing the story!
She is a master and this class is gonna be fabulous!!!
Below is her explanation to the class....

You do not have to be a kit club member to take this class- it is open to absolutely anyone who wants to improve their journaling. This class will show several techniques for making your writing better and offer a lot of jump start ideas to get you on your way. It doesn’t matter what your style is- this class will help you improve how you capture your story!
Class members will be invited to their own private message board and will have opportunities for individual teacher coaching. You will learn many different effective approaches to journaling enabling you to tell your story! Class members will be eligible to win fun prizes, participate in special class challenges, all new sketches and see never before seen art by our design team! You will create like you’ve never created before and your scrapbooks will take on a whole new meaning as you get your own story straight for future generations to treasure!
It is going to be a month of fun, so please join me in the Nook’s first ever focus class, and bring a friend!
You may reserve your spot right here: Getting the Story Straight Registration

Doesn't it sound great!!!!
I can't wait for it!!!

The other fun news......it's Design Team call time.......ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
It's the best place to be....I have loved my year.....and you can bet, I'll be applying again ;)

Check it out for yourself and have a go ;)

Tomorrow I'll share a few more layouts from the July kit......I've gotten quite carried away.....and I can't stop using it ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The UP House!

While we were visiting in Utah last month.....we got taken for a ride.
To a house.
That is a replica of the house from UP...you know, the mooovie ;)

Not quite sure why it's being built....advertising, I suppose.
It's a good gimic to get people in the neighborhood and look at the houses that they are really building and trying to sell.

But I won't deny, it was cooooooool!
I can't wait to see the inside when it's done.
We were shameless and peeked in all the windows and walked all around the house.
It even has the picture of paradise falls hanging in the living room.

Wanna see????

Funny side story.....Jack was so excited to go see the house, but the second the rubber hit the pavement he was out like a light!!!  Didn't even make the 5 min. drive to the house.   He slept while we looky- lude around the house. Then we left and had to go to the store.  After dragging him through the store and getting back in the car he asked if we were still going to see the UP house.  Sadly, I had to tell him he missed it.  But I had pictures....and he was cool with that.  Thank goodness!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get Picky July Sketch

The July sketch at Get Picky is up...and we've got a prize for you!!!
Purple Pumpkin is giving away a fun prize pack for this months challenge.
The owner, Sam makes really fantastic buttons, doilies, flowers and other unique embellishments.

I got some great buttons and doilies that will be making an appearance on my inspiration challenge coming out later this month. 

For now take a look at the sketch and join in won't you!!!

 I was so excited to use the camping line from October Afternoon......even if the camping was in our back yard!!!
Thanks so much for looking ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Boredom and some Pages

So the summer blues and boredom are kicking in.
Some more than others ;)
Everything either costs money to do, or it's too freakin' hot outside to do.
I'm afraid I'm not the funnest parent in town.....so I don't usually have any good answers for them.
And I'm not going to name any names.......

Along with the summer blues how about some layouts in blue.......and you know, I just don't understand how they can get so bored.....I mean....I'm never bored!!!!!  I've always got something fun to keep me busy ;)

 This here is a little wall piece I'm going to put up on my gallery wall.  We got this cool little binder clip in our kit and I decided to make a faux book out of it.  I painted a canvas board and glued the clip to it with my book attached. 
 I used pop dots to separate the pages and make it look nice and thick.  Each page has a tab with each of our kids names on it.
 This next layout got a little bit out of control!  But I like it.  Kristen and her friend Blake like to write songs and then sing them.  On this night they put on a big concert where they sang their stuff.  This song was Root beer Dream....cause they looooove root beer!!!  I've got the words to the song written on here so we will always remember it!!!
 I loved the stitched paper in this kit!!! So adorable and Scandinavian looking ;)  I had these old pics of Kristen in a little dress I made her.  She's my Texas girl growing up in the big city.

Be sure to check out My Scrapbook Nook for even more fabulous fun!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nook Layouts

 I've got a few more layouts for the July Kit at My Scrapbook Nook.....
For this one I taught a quick class on how to do the spots...you can check it out here ;)

 Both these layouts are of my girls at Easter.  The first is just the two of them striking a pose!
This second one is about how I made one last ditch effort to match them for Easter....come on, what was I thinking!  They weren't really interested.  Samantha like the dress I picked out but Kristen decided to look for something else.  I guess they are getting to big for that kinda thing!  A momma can try, right?!

I totally love this kit!!!
It's so versatile and right up my alley ;)
Tomorrow I'll show you some layouts that are from this kit, but use a totally different color scheme ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack's Spook Alley!!!!

A few weeks ago Jack got some hair brained idea to set up his room as a spook alley.
Pretty clever I must say ;)  
He was hoping I would get out the Halloween decorations so he could really do it up right!   
No thanks.

Here's what he came up with......

Snakes hanging from the ceiling!!!!!
 Pumpkin pictures lined the edge of his bed....where he crawled under to hide in wait.
Do you see his little head popping out to scare us???
I totally love all his little pumpkin faces ;)
 Then he lined up some skeletons on his table and hid under there as well.
He turned off his lights and told us to wait in hall till he was ready.
Then we would walk in and he would pop out and scream at us ;)

He cracks me up!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Kit and Guest Design Spot

The July kit at My Scrapbook Nook was waiting ever so patiently for me when I got back from my trip to Utah. Yes, I've been gone. ;)  Did you miss me?????

It's a fave amongst us designers.....what about you?? Do you love it too???

October Afternoon 5&Dime what's not to love!!!

I've got several projects in the works but the only one done so far is the one I did for the sketch blog Once Upon A Sketch.  It's run by my sweet design partner from The Nook Nadia Cannizzo.  She runs a super successful sketch blog with amazing talent and participation!  Be sure to check it out and play along ;)

Here's her sketch and my take on it.....all the other designers from The Nook played along too...so there is lots of eye candy ;)

I'm really happy with how this one turned out.....especially the story behind it.
As some of you may know Samantha is very proud of her hair, she loves to take care of it and style it.  She is really good to learn how to do it, but she saw this style on another girl one day and wanted  it!  On her own she googled stuff and found a tutorial on the very style she was looking for!  It killed me when she came and showed it to me and said that's how she wanted her hair for Easter.  Believe you me....I am not skilled in hair!  So it took some practice and watching the video over and over to get it right.  But come Easter morning I pulled it off and she got what she wanted ;)

Isn't she cute!!!