Friday, December 31, 2010

Top10 of Twenty10

If you're sick of seeing scrap stuff....I'm sorry.....but this is what I do ;)

I thought I would end the year by sharing my favorite layouts.
This year as been really good to me scrap wise. I've met some goals that I've had. Made it on 2 design teams, and got accepted in several magazine/book publications. When I get hard copies of those things you bet I will share ;)

Here they are in no particular order:

This one again...I know you've seen it a few times recently, but I love it!
Even with the dark background it still feels so soft and pretty to me.
I loved these pictures of Nathan and Samantha and it was fun having such a teeny baby at Christmas time.

These are some of my favorite pictures of Kristen...back before I knew much of anything about photography. A hobby I've always loved and was always practicing at. I love the mix of papers and embellishments on this one. It feels kind of fancy but still has fun little surprises in it.

Love this picture and I love the colors on this one. Simple, but a little edgy. Love the sentiment....it's totally how I feel, I adore my family!

LOVE this one! I did it for a manufacturer challenge and got an honorable mention on their site. I think the photo looks so good with these colors and the stitching was really fun. I love how challenges tend to stretch my creativity a bit. I'm also glad that I made sure to record the story of his first day.

I don't do to many layouts of Nathan anymore, as he doesn't like his photo taken and I've got tons done of him when he was smaller. But I loved these pictures and I like the colors and the edgy feel of it.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. My cute little Jack thinking he was big enough for school! Too bad he was only 2! I like the mixed title and little banner up there.

Another set of pictures that I love....are you noticing a common denominator here???? Big fan of aqua this year and love the pinks and grays here. Love the title work too.

Not necessarily a picture that I love (simply because it's got me in it ;) but it's a weekend I'll never forget (and hope to do again sometime) I simply love the design on this! (oh and the colors)

My Samantha! Love the playfulness of this layout. I'm usually pretty happy about layouts when I'm able to incorporate lots of bits and pieces.

Last but certainly not least...another one about me! (which, really is surprising!) This one was an assignment for Scrapstreet Magazine. It seemed like a hard topic at first...but I love that it gave me an opportunity to document my love for yellow. And of course....I love all the colors here ;)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
Thanks for reading ;)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Twenty TEN!

The kids were so kind and slept solid till their alarms went off at 6am.
Sadly, this is an improvement for us...usually they are up for hours running around making noise and in general keeping us from sleeping. In fact, the girls had to wake the boys this time around.

Kristen just begging to be allowed to go down and just look while they wait for dad ;)
Recent confessions let us know it would be wise to block the stairs during the night.

This is her "I knew it! I knew this would be my Lanie doll" look of satisfaction!

She got what she wanted too ;)
(this is 2 years now of American Girl dolls.....do you think they will come up with something different to wish for next year????) hmmmmm....

Knee deep....literally....good thing he's got some fire and rescue to help him out! tee hee hee.

Reveling for a moment in Santa!

ooooh.....wasn't expecting this were you Samantha!
which by the way have been a hit for all the children! good thing her and Jack can share ;)

Oh ya....another surprise!
He couldn't get over this one...total shock I tell ya!
Tickets to see his 2 favorite teams play against each other.

Look at that smile up there...he can't hide it.

Happy to see this, he is.

It was a Star Wars year for little ol' Jack.
Grandma indulged and got him Lego's...yay for me ;)

May not sound exciting...but he LOVES the sheets we got him (nice PB ones too).
Now with his pj's he is surrounded ;)

Napoleon was diggin' it all...sittin' back watching all the action.
And don't worry, he wasn't left out of the fun.

These girls are happy...it's all AG all the time around here :)

Hope your Christmas was merry ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

January Kit

Here's a look at the January kit at My Scrapbook Nook.
It's filled with Fancy Pants Hot Chocolate.

I've been busy this week working on my layouts...here are a few for now ;)

These are pictures of Jack from a few years ago.....running around
in borrowed pink snow boots.

I love these pictures of Kristen from Disney a few years ago.
Love how happy she is and her little piggy ears as she calls this hair style.
I hand drew some wavy lines and then sewed over those.
I'm addicted to stitching on my layouts...is that ridiculous or what!

Many years ago I swore I would never go to that level in my scrapping.
But once I tried it...I fell in love!

My little baby Jack.
Even more ridiculous than sewing on my
layouts with a machine, it's sewing by hand!!! I know right!
I can't believe I did it! But it would have been to hard to sew these
stars with my machine.

...hello, my name is Carol and I have a sickness...it's called scrapbooking!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Taking a little break from all the festivities today
to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

We have been very busy today making our treats for Santa, decorating gingerbread houses and lots more baking!
Our ham is in the oven, homemade augratins are done. Looking forward to a yummy meal ;)

This week we passed out our neighbor treats: popcorn boxes and bags of Spritz cookies.

Here are the kids today.....trying to keep them busy to help the time pass.

I think the boys ate more than they decorated!
The girls on the other hand...very serious about their houses.

Here's a little look around the house today. I didn't put up hardly any of our decorations this year. With our vacation in the middle of the month we just never quite had the time or energy to go all out.

I got this little village on clearance at Target last year...I love the colors and think it's so cute, and it lights up ;)

Still loving this advent I made a few years back...only one more magnet to go ;)

A close up of the tree. I usually put a berry garland up but opted out this year (remember, not enough energy over here). I love how the tree looks with all it's eclectic ornaments and colors. Lots of wood pieces, all the kids things.....It totally makes me happy to look at. There seems to be a story behind so many of the pieces.

The stockings...waiting patiently to be filled ;)
I love these...I made every single one.
I remember my mom made us stockings like this growing up and it is a cherished item...I wanted my kids to have the same thing.

We may not have decked out the house as much as we usually do but it doesn't seem to matter. I love the spirit I feel this time of year and thinking of Christ is what matters.

Hope you all have a beautiful Christmas!
love Carol

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Nook Layouts

My ability to scrapbook this month has been very scattered!
But I think I've done what I can with my December kit over at the Nook.

First off...Retro Red
I really love how this one turned out.
I cut the scalloped paper using another as a pattern.

I know I've already shared this one, but thought I'd include it anyway,
just to keep them all together ;)
And because it's my favorite.

We've been doing a card a day inspiration over at the Nook all month
and this was the card I posted for today ;)
Cards are hard for me, I'd much rather do a layout.

This layout I just finished up this week for a little class
I taught. You can go here to see the semi-instructions for it if you wish ;)
It's my little baby Jack Jack!

Just a close up.

This one is my least fave.....I had visions of how it would turn out...
and well, I was misled, because it just didn't end up looking how I wanted.
Oh well.

It's been raining here in Vegas for 3 days straight and I've loved it! Especially since I'm all ready for Christmas and we are just hanging at home. Well, we've gone out a little....but no stress shopping here. Still trying to get some baking in....working on that right now as a matter of fact. Just popping in here while stuff cooks.

Still hoping to share some festive holiday pictures before the big day.

Can You Have TOOOOO Many Pictures????

I think NOT!!!
We finally were able to go on our long awaited Disney Vacation. We had been planning this trip for like 5 months. Were supposed to go for Halloween, but some big things got in the way of that plan and we had to reschedule for December. It turned out great actually. The weather was beautiful!!!
It's one of the funnest vacations we've had I think.

Here's a not so little recap ;)

First day....first ride. Nathan taking Buzz Lightyear quite seriously ;)

Do you think he looks happy?????
Waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean...couldn't get there fast enough!

This boy has been asking for years when he would get to go to Disneyland again!
It was the best watching it all through his eyes.
I told Doug...this will be the last time that Disney will be this exciting for any of our children.

We hit up Universal Studio's.
I thought it was SOOOO fun!

The character meetings were so much easier than Disney.

Took the back lot tour....I thought it was really cool.
Here are a few houses from Wisteria Lane

I don't know who's house is who's, but another Desperate Housewives House.

Have you seen War of the Worlds with Tom C.??? They have the whole airplane scene still set up....it was pretty cool.

They had a Grinchmas Theme going on.
Isn't this Whoville Tree so cute!! We stayed for the lighting of this....the star of the cable show True Blood was there.

The Grinch....he asked me if ALL these kids were mine...then told me maybe I should get a hobby....hee hee heee.

The next day at Disney land was THE BEST!!!

Jack couldn't wait to see the Star Wars show. It's all he talked about. Talked about "when he got to teach his lesson" Ha!

I almost cried when he got called up....he wanted it so bad and I knew he would be devastated if they didn't choose him. He's a serious fan I tell you, and just look at that boy.....he took his training very seriously!

Getting ready to take on Darth Vader...too bad Darth Mal is in the way the whole time :(

The host dude was really cute with the kids.

Jack getting his diploma. Probably asking the trainer "am I a Padowan or a Master???" He was very concerned with the rank he had earned ;)

Her very most favorite ride.....evah!!!!

The castle!

I realized I didn't have a whole lot of pics. of just Samantha. But that girl! She's a m.a.n.i.a.c.!!!
Loves the roller coasters. The wilder the better! Loved Screamin' California, and the Tower of Terror! Oh and Splash Mountain....she's a wild one I tell ya (and I always knew it)!!!

Our last day we hit the beach before heading home. It ended up being the coldest day there, but that does not stop children from playing in the ocean!

Oh how I love this girl. Always beaming ;)

A little pose for mom.

and then I saw this.....beautiful.

And last but not least......proof that I was there ;)