Thursday, March 26, 2009


I haven't been able to scrapbook since my trip nearly 3 weeks ago now. It's been pretty busy around here lately but now that schools out and we have no major commitments going....i am getting antzy. I NEeD to scrap.

Here are a some of my more recent pages.

This one of Nathan shares a conversation we had in the car one day after school a few years ago. As we were talking I KNEW I had to get this down on paper so I kept major mental notes of how the conversation went down and when we got home I didn't even get out of the car till I had it written down. It is priceless!

This is me and Samantha...my 2nd O fell off of whoo. I didn't realize till I just looked at it now. I wonder where it got off too????? I have a hard time using pages that have such an obvious graphic on it. I'm never sure how to work around them or if it's ok to cover them up, but I like how this turned out.
I think this is one of my most favorites that I've done recently. Thanks to Heather for the pictures of her baptism. She knows these were among my favorite pics of Kristen. She's such a happy little thing and loves to laugh. I think this might be the first time I've used the same pic but in different colors. Love how that looks, I'll have to do it more often.
Since we've been living like slobs (kinda) this week I suppose I'll go get some chores done.
Ta Ta

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Bits

It's track break around here...and we are SUPER excited!
Day 3 into a 3 week break. Mommy is enjoying lounging a bit in the morning
(lounging is just a fancy word for being LAZY)

We have had several all day play dates.
We haven't cleaned a thing...and it shows

We spent the day at the mall searching out the perfect Easter dresses.
That was not as easy a task as I thought it would be.
I still like my little girls to look like little girls...not 17 year olds hitting the strip.
We finally made some choices after a cookie and a drink to replenish our strength.
We did not however walk out with the puppy or the pig that the
girls thought was "so adorable" in the pet store.

Now we will be looking forward to some scrapbooking tomorrow and more lounging I hope.

We did enjoy a visit from grandma and grandpa last week.
They are always worth a giggle or two.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As Samantha worked on her homework last week I noticed her spending some time on her name. This was the end result of her very first fancy name attempt. Isn't it CUTE! I just love when my kids get confident enough in there writing to start experimenting with some style

Friday, March 20, 2009

Learnin' me some skillzzzzz

I finally signed up for this photography class.
Been wanting to do such a thing for ages now.
Finally seemed to find the right one for me.
I'm SOOOO excited to start and see if I can learn a thing or two.
I guess I'll be sharing some things about it along the way...we'll see.

Friday, March 13, 2009

If anyone cares...

Here are a few new layouts...

Some old Christmas pictures
On the October Afternoon Christmas line

Baby Samantha
on My Minds Eye papers

on My Minds Eye Penelope Lane paper

And my favorite...
Kristen and I a few years back
on the new Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday line
I love this new paper line...it's SO delicious!

And there you go.
More to come later.

Have a lovely weekend ya'll.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Weekend

Delirious kinda fun.
You know the kind...
where you're so tired you
giggle over the dumbest things
pee your pants giggling.

We are SO doing this again!

Our second (and last) night we whipped out the camera, like late in the night!
We took like 30 versions of this pic....before we could both
agree on one that wasn't too scary. Jens eyes were either closed,
or someone had a double chin, or me (holding the camera) had major neck strain...
it took some serious calming down to get this one...we were laughing so hard.

Posing at the scrap table...we worked very hard!

Here's my pile...

We did some shopping...though we felt it was a bit of a waste of precious scrapping time.
Went to Tai-Pan...not feeling that store so much anymore. Though they totally DENIED it...they have majorly raised their prices! But I did find a few things I felt were good deals and I could use in the house...this cute shelf for the girls room, can't wait to get it up. It was a totally good deal.

Love this little box. Found the perfect spot by my phone for phone list and pencils and stuff. Decorated the front to hide all the business in the back.

Another similar box I put on my cabinets...Yellow!

And then this outside thingy...I've wanted it for a really long time
So I broke down and got it before they doubled it's price too!
Just put some twig around it...if anyone has a better idea for it feel free to let me know!

We gave the weekend a Mexican theme by eating out at Mexican places....yummy stuff. Then of course had lots of junk in our hotel to keep us going. Oh and we hit Roberts like 3 times to use those coupons! It was such a good time. Hopefully next time we can make it just a little longer, it went by fast.
I'll post some layouts later.

Friday, March 6, 2009


My bucket is READY....
still need to pack some clothes.
But this afternoon

so excited

It's gonna be a great weekend.
Hopefully I'll get lots of scrapbooking done...we'll see
I'm certainly prepared for impressive results, aren't I?????

In honor of said weekend here are a few layouts I did a while ago.
And I'm happy to say there is a huge stack of layouts on my desk I've done over the last month or so I need to upload on here. I could post a layout a day for a while if I just photographed them.
This is Kristen and her "meatball sandwich" she made at the beach on our trip a while back.

And a Christmas layout. I never scrap holidays. Don't know why I'm afraid of them. Maybe cause the quantity of pictures is so overwhelming! But I'm trying to get started on some Christmas ones at least. This is Nate and Kristen in their pj's many years back.

And because he's always worth a good laugh.....
some morning hair from JACK!

This was an XTRA good hair day!!!
Really, i should just buzz that mess again.
But then again...we wouldn't have this!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i totally forgot...

I totally forgot about Nathans room reveal
until a little someone :) reminded me of it today.
I guess since it's not quite done, I forgot.
So here it is.
I LOVE how the paint job turned out.
Love the colors we went with.
Now those, I had trouble deciding on.
And as it was, i was worried until it was done
whether or not I would like the blue.
The orange is perfect! Just the right color.
The stripe is *&%itchin!

I love how it looks with the bedding (from CB2)
It's all so grown up looking, in a teenagerish sorta way.

Here is the desk and shelving unit we bought at Ikea.
(actually its probably best that I didn't post this right away, cause my anger with Ikea has waned)
My complaint with them is this (and you out a town shoppers....listen up!)
So we bought everything, transported it home, finished up the room and THEN opened up the boxes. The bookshelf...had a HUGE hole on one of the beams. Now understand, we were putting it all together that night. We were READY to finish up the room.
No can do now. We need to get this replaced. So I scour the online sight looking for assistance. Sent an email to cust. serv. The next day get a response telling me I have to contact the store I bought it at. So I do. Tell them we need a new part or set sent to us. They seem to ignore the fact that I told them I live 6 hours from the store and made the trip up just to do our shopping. They happily said "we're so sorry for the inconvenience (sappy sappy sappy) just return it to the store and we'll be happy to replace it for you". Um....didn't you hear me! I can't just return it!!!! You need to mail it to me, whatever.
"Maam...we can't do that. You have to bring it in." arrrggggggghhhhhhhh.....
there were some other suggestions made, but nothing that worked so to make a longer story shorter here's the gist of it....
I said FORGET IT! "Doug! just put it together as is and we'll make sure that big ol' hole is in the back! It just wasn't worth a trip up just to replace it and we weren't going back up to Utah in the time the receipt would require the return.
So to top off the bookshelf disaster....the cute wood boxes we saw (& bought) on display with (what we thought was our shelf) don't fit! Too big. To say we were livid with it all was an
understatement. So instead of the cool boxes he now has a few plastic buckets instead...arrrgggghh.
So there is my consumer warning....if you purchase from them, you better check your stuff before you leave town. Even though they ship, they WILL NOT if you purchased in store!

So anyway...here is the shelf and desk. It really is a great system for him. I wanted so bad to get my hands on it and arrange it but it's his. He wanted to do it himself. See that big ol' junk bucket up there (he's never gonna sort through)...i so would have put that down under the desk! And he was way excited to finally have a place to display is growing array of trophy's!
We haven't put up any decor yet, though I have some huge magnet boards I'm gonna repaint and put up. We also have this awesome little crewel work piece from my mom that matches perfectly. It's totally from the 70's...she recently framed it up nice and gave it to him. Cute hu.

I love that he got out his Jesus picture and put it smack dab in the middle of his desk.
We've had to remove the closet organizer in his room to repair it so his closet is completely thrown up all over the place. His nice new room has pretty much been a disaster since we put it together!
Oh my gosh, this was a super long boring post for a room reveal!
If your still here, thanks!
ps...i leave for St. George (1 1/2 hrs from Vegas)....in 3 days!!!
if i could type the sound that being giddy makes....i SO would!

Monday, March 2, 2009

i luf tots...

Jack looooves tots.
Begged for some from Sonic.
Here's the conversation that followed the tot purchase.

me..."Jack, are you going to finish those"

J..."i save dem for later"


We get home and he immediately asks to watch Napolean Dynamite.
While I'm putting the movie on for him he starts his commentary...

J..."You gonna eat yer tots?" "You want i can have your tots?" "i luf tots" and so on

then i turn around and notice that the tots are now in the pockets!
both pockets.

then he punches his pockets and laughs....

Is it so wrong that my 3 year old
quotes Napolean Dynamite????
love this dude ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


i should be getting ready for church....
but...since i'm surfin'
i noticed that i fell off the face of the blogging planet this week
(if anyones noticed, that is ;)
i've been
editing &
editing &
e d i t i n g
Placed an order of over
100 photos this week.
Been organizing
my photo storage disaster too.
It's feeling pretty good.
I'm ready for some serious...and i do mean
Taking a little trip this week...i get all giddy just thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 weekend out of town to shop and scrap
i can hardly wait!!!