Saturday, June 28, 2008

So Much To Say

The last few weeks have been FULL...to say the least
i have much to catch up on
a trip to Utah
BYU Basketball camp
dance recital, etc.

But this week, my heart has been heavy
I watched a sweet young women
bury her brand new baby today
I used to be her Laurel Advisor
I think a lot of her
and my heart is broken for her & her husband

I think it has hit me especially hard because
I see my Jack in her little ones pictures
And I realize how easily it could have been me

I send my love to her and her family

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Girls Room

Finally getting the girls room together. For some reason it had been driving me crazy for quite some time. It was the same theme it had been since Kristen was born with things added along the way. It had it's cute day, butterflies, flowers and stuff, all pastels. But these two girls were over it. So was I.

Came across some fabulous bedding earlier this year and talked my girls into loving it as much as I did! Brown, robins egg blue, dirty pink, orange, green, cream...all so yummy. Kinda like some awesome scrap paper as one friend said. The best thing, it was affordable. So we bought the bedding, the paint, found some fabrics to include for pillows and curtains...then let it all sit for MONTHS. Then one day I woke up and announced that that was the day to paint! "Girls, get your room cleaned! I'm painting today!" (I'm kinda like that, I'll suddenly get an idea, and by golly I want it done right now!)
(the lighter pink is the old color...close I know...but different enough to warrant it :)
So, for 3 (or 4) days, I painted, after spending the morning at swim lessons of course. I was really worried about the stripe. Never done that before. Heck, could never even get the ceiling line straight before. And here I was attempting a stripe. Crazy, I know! But I gave it my all and it worked out. Yippee Skippee. I practically jumped for joy when I started pulling tape off.
Samantha really wanted the whole room to be blue, but I worried it would feel to dark and of course Kristen, she wanted it pink. So we came up with the border idea.

Jack...he was BIG helper let me tell you!

Here's a little teaser of the bedding along with the pillows I made. The curtains are out of the brown floral eyelet. Haven't finished the curtain rods yet so when they are up I'll post the whole room. We also need to to paint their bookshelf, thinking of doing it in brown. So giddy about the different textures I was able to add to the bedding.

A couple of new nic nacs to add to the yummy Robbin's egg blue.

And yes, the girls LOVE their new room and I think it feels a bit more mature, something they can grow into for a bit.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Next, Samantha

Samantha graduated from preschool last week. We registered her for kindergarten the next day and she asked if she would start school that very day. Sadly, I told her, she would have to wait till summer was over. "Well how long is that going to take?" she asked in complete disgust at the thought of having to wait at all! Then she asked if we could at least go and buy all her school stuff. Ya, not doing that either, babe!

Her little graduation was super cute. They all got matching shirts to wear. They sang a bunch of songs with actions and stuff. Lucky for us, she was up to the challenge that day. You never know with her, if she's gonna go along with it all. But she did great. It's funny though, cause she'll get embarrassed about stuff like that. So here she is in these pictures making faces at me and being goofy (knowing she's gonna be getting embarrassed soon). Then her with her teacher. We love Mrs. Smoot. She lives around the corner, it's great!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Baptism

Kristens baptism was wonderful! The spirit was so strong and there were several kids she knew getting baptized. We had lots of friends come and support her. Unfortunately the water was FREEZING! and I had to warm her up with the blow dryer after. But she loved it all and felt so special. She had lots of little friends come. These are just a few of them. We weren't able to grab them all for pictures. It was also pretty windy so picture taking didn't last long. Thankfully Heather is going to be taking pictures of Kristen so we'll for sure get some fabulous shots of her. Since we weren't able to have much family come into town we asked Kristen where she wanted to go for dinner. She chose the Olive Garden and we headed there after the baptism for a yummy meal. She got some really nice gifts to commemorate the day.
I'll for sure post some great shots of her when Heather gets them done...can't wait!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lets Start with Nathan

Here's to Nathan's 11th birthday! He requested steak and potatoes for his birthday dinner. That kid can put away a steak I tell you. He ate a whole one, and it was NOT little. He does not care for cake too much so unlike the usual brownies we make him this year he asked for Sunday Pie. I introduced that old family favorite at Easter this year and he gobbled it up. Its a layer of crust, yummy cream cheese goodness, chocolate/van. pudding and cool whip. It's delish. But apparently no one else likes it much so he and I pretty much put it away! Thanks for that Nate!

Here are a few things I love about this boy:

First of all, he is the one that made me a mother for the first time. That is a special bond. He and I, we have had some good times together.

Love his laugh. His smile has always lit up a room and his laugh has always been so contagious! Doug and I can't help but laugh when he gets uncontrollable.

He has a very sensitive spirit. He worries about others so much. When he found out about his dads accident he decided on his own to fast that very day. I didn't even realize it till hours later that he was doing that.

He LOVES his family so much. Even when he was so little all he ever wanted was to be with his grandparents and cousins. He is always reminding me how important our family is and that we need to be there for them. After all these years he still begs to move back to Utah to be near our family.

He is such a good big brother. He couldn't have been happier when he found out he was finally getting a brother. Finally, someone to share his room with. When he is not torturing his siblings he is playing and loving on them so much.

He totally loves to read. Always has. A few years ago he was telling me about a book he was reading and was so into it that he said he could picture it all in his mind. I love that he loves to read as much as I do.

He is a great friend. It has always been easy for him to make friends and he is good at being a friend to those that need one. He is loyal and kind.

He is still a mamma's boy. Still wants to talk at night, and loves an occasional snuggle. He definitely likes having me near.

We love this boy so much and despite the fact that he is our first and will most likely need therapy some day, we think he is a pretty neat kid!

Here we are at his arrow of light ceremony. I'm gettin' pinned. Nate walking over the bridge to his new leader. He and his best friend Joel received their awards together.