Friday, October 31, 2008


The crazy gang! Of course Jack refused a nap today so by the time we were ready for pictures, he wanted NOTHING to do with them. So Nathan held him.

The only reason I got these of him was chasing him down the side walk as he took off to trick or treat by himself. I was literally moving the whole time I was snapping these. Can't believe they are not blurry! He totally loved his costume. He would tell everyone " I a pirate. I Capain Jack Sparrow."

Our little Laura Ingalls (and the only costume I had to make this year!)
Here's her "Oh Pa...Mary said shucks" look!

The "Vendetta" Gang! As usual...Nathan changed his costume (somewhat) at the last minute. I made him wear his mask for pictures but couldn't get him to put the wig on, then he took it off and eventually went for a painted face look. WhATevER dude!

Our cute little pirate. I love that she chose something not so girly this year. It totally suits her and she ended up loving it.

Jack chechin out his "bro"!

We've had a great Halloween with LOTS of festivities!
The neighborhood was more mellow this year...which was nice,
but we still ran out of candy.
Now apparently I'm late starting my Christmas shopping since it's been in the stores for atleast a week now!!!
The race is on people
and I'm off!
See ya next week ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

for the first time EVER!!!!!

in 6...count em'
doug and i are leavin' on a jet plane!
takin' a little trip.....
for the first time EVER...without kids
I'm just a little excited.
We'll be checking out a few places
like these

it's a little place i'd like to call Charleston, South Carolina.
why SC???? you say
Other than the fact that it looks GORGEOUS! and it's FULL of history and old plantations, oh and the civil war, and stuff like that, oh and I've never been there...
my baby brother lives out there and he and his wife just had their FIRST baby!
We are going to see them and attend her blessing
and basically smother some love ALL over my new little niece
Can't wait to eat her UP!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guilt Post...

I know it's been a looooooong time (for me anyways)
but surely...this picture makes the wait worth it....RIGHT?
Us...at the ward Halloween Party
1 hour before the party I said "Doug, we should dress up. I want to dress up!"
"What do you wanna be ???" (him)
"I don't know, a punker" (me)
"How you gonna do that?"(him)
"Uuuuummmmmm.....you go to Smiths and find me something! I gotta paint Samantha's nails" (me)
"Why don't you go and I'll paint her nails" (him)
"REALLY..." "OK, I'm gettin' you something too!!!!" (me)
So I was gone for like 10 minutes and I came home with 2 wigs, and net stockings.
I was a punker and drum roll please................

In case you can't tell



Magnum P.I.

That's right!

We gave the mullet wig a trim and fashioned a stache for him.
In this picture my black makeup is quite worn off, but the lips were pretty black and the eyes...fright full.
Some people's comments were "wow, scary Carol." (in a very disturbed voice)
others practically wet their pants when they saw us.
Some, didn't even know who we were (that was the best, sometimes you don't really want to claim what you put together!)
The party was awesome! We are so going to dress up again, but hopefully with much more planning and thought next time!
Oh ya, and the kids obviously looked really cute too. But this isn't really about them now is it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

To the Orchard we will go...

Apparently NO ONE had school on Friday....and EVERYONE decided it was the perfect day to hit the Orchard for the pumpkin patch. Granted WE were smarter than most and left the house by 8:30 am. When we pulled in there were a measly half dozen cars parked along the patch. The children had a grand time frolicking through the vines and choosing their perfect punkins.

Samantha didn't waste much time and picked the "old man" of the patch. She loves her wonky little(big) wrinkled pumpkin. (notice her pink polka dot shoes...not so clean anymore. this is her answer to me saying "wear some tennishoes...with SOX!)

Jack seems to approve of the pumpkin I chose for him...although he kept saying in an exasperated voice "mom, is too heaveeeeeeeeeee...."
This poor kid spent more time in the dirt than anything. He refused to walk and so in all his running he constantly biffed it. He didn't seem to care AT ALL. (notice the little blue band on his arm....ya, that's his new fashion statement....hhhhmmmmmm, wonder where he came up with that one????)

Nathan decided to pick a few watermelons along the way. Having never picked one before we figured if the outside was nice and green the inside should be nice and red...RIGHT????? it was not. ever wonder what an unripe watermelon looks like? it's white. I almost thought it was some freak cucumber!
Kristen took the longest to pick her pumpkin. Apparently finding the teeniest pumpkin in the patch was harder than it looked! Nathans wasn't much bigger and by the feel of it will be the first to ROT! I went with a nice creepy green one...love it!
By the time we got ours picked the place had turned into a zoo. The line to drive in was looooong, the field across the street was packed with parked cars and the line to check out and pay was loooong.
But we had fun and we returned home 2 hours later much, much, much filthier than when we had left!