Tuesday, July 20, 2010

surviving in utter confusion!

i have to admit.
I'm having a hard time keeping track of the date.
after some deep thinking, I decided yesterday was the 18th.
Therefore, the library books were not due until today, the 19th.
I mean why return them early????

Apparently, today is the 20th.
I'm disappointed to find that out.
Cause now I have a (nother) fine at the library.


i survived a spinal tap last Thursday.
and I'm not afraid to admit this...
i. was. pe.tri.fied.
like seriously.

but after it was over i was SO relieved and
starving cause I'd had to fast ALL day.
When Doug asked me how I was, all I could think
about was food.

In particular, food from the Cheesecake Factory.
I told him to pull out his handy dandy iphone and look up the menu.
I demanded a take out order with pasta & cheesecake, of course.
And a big soda for good measure.

With me reclined in the truck, he picked up our food,
took me home and served me dinner in bed.

Cause that's where I was ordered to go for the next 24 hours.


I have also survived all of my other tests.

Now we wait.
I see the dr. in 2 weeks.
And because I deserve a little happiness right now...
check out these adorable yellow shoes I found recently.
Don't they compliment my glowing white skin nicely????
I would say I need a tan in a bad way...but I'm not allowed ;)

Happy July 20th! i think.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Schtuff...

So I bought 2 sodas with my good looks last week.

At least that's what I like to tell myself ;)

Went to the local gas station that I frequent...

filled 2 sodas. The guy at the counter said

"Just the sodas?"


"Have a nice day"

I said what?

"No charge" he tells me.

Um....wow! thanks!

You have a good day too.


We had a really fun 4th.

Took a spontaneous trip to Zion.

Spent the night and hiked the next day.

The kids had a blast and now they can't accuse us of

never doing anything fun!

We had our own fireworks show Saturday night

at home. Some goooood stuff!

Our teenage neighbors reminded us we were a day early.

Ya, so.


Did a fun family shoot a few weeks ago.
I have just finished editing everything

and now my hand is kinda dead.

So I won't be getting to our 4th pictures just yet.

I need a little break from computer work.

Also, last night we went bowling for FHE.

Had SO much fun.

And that made my dead hand even more dead,

if that's possible. My skillz at bowling definitely went

down hill as the night progressed.

I think even Jack beat me on that last game ;)

Granted...he had bumper guards, so he was bound to succeed!

I even tried to bowl with my left hand.

You should try it sometime.

It aint right.


I am busy this week with traumatizing tests.

So hopefully next week I can come back with a funner post ;)

Because a post is no fun w/out pictures I'm going to go find

some random (already edited-or not) picture on my computer!

Oh kay....here's what I found!
Found my long lost childhood friend on fb last year (see, it IS good for some things;)
She sent me this picture that she had of the two of us.
Can you tell which one is me ( hint....uh, it's not hard)
I'm not sure how old we are here, but we met in kindergarten so its definitely after that!
I'm thinking maybe 3rd grade???

Here's to hoping your week...
is better than mine ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

scrappy shmappy & shtuff.

disclaimer....beware of a somewhat boring post.

*Saw Eclipse last night.
With a bunch of girls.
Had a great time and totally enjoyed the movie,
as well as a huge bucket of popcorn
(that i did share)
along with a diet coke ;) that i didn't share.

*Planning a low key weekend for the 4th.
Looks like some of our plans are getting
burned out...literally.
Looking forward to time as a family.

*Kristen likes to spend her track break at school.
I know.
She is a little teachers helper for her
teacher from last year.
I told her the other day she could have
her very own class room in like 12-13 years.
She was stoked!!!
Didn't realize it could be that soon!

*Been spending a lot of time lounging
around the pool.
Getting very little done.
150 degree weather will do that to ya.
Hosting swim play group today.
More lounging...with friends this time
so it should be fun ;)

Wishing for some time to do some of this....
scrappy stuff.
But all that pool lounging makes it difficult
to hide up in my room.
I've been asked to do a page for an e-zine (on-line magazine)
so I need to get up there some how this next week.
For now here are a few layouts that make me happy
and make me want to make more....

*Hope ya'll have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend.