Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mess for Mess

Ok Heather, I had to match you mess for mess. This is what my girls can do in the span of 24 hours! Their room was spotless on Saturday. By Sunday we had this. They too come up with big plans including lots of clothes changing, desks and props. This corner with the lamp, on the floor, is supposed to have a night table with books. No matter what laws I lay down for the book shelf, Kristen will ultimately clutter the crap out of it with all her little treasures. She also has boxes of little treasures in her closet. She is a rat pack to the max! Nathan of course did participate in this mess, but mostly the girls accomplish this all on there own. I don't know how Samantha sleeps at night because her bed is typically piled high with stuff. It makes me crazy!!!! But I seem to have no control over any of it.
P.S. I think I win.

1 comment:

Heather said...

You most definitely win! But look how cute and matchy matchy everything is. It makes it not all look so bad because it goes together.