Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mom of the Year Award!

Yes, that is what I should be given after todays events. Took the kids (along with our their friends) to school today. As they are getting out of the car we realize there is a fire (drill?) going on. I thought it was a strange time of day for a drill. But alas, I send them on their way to line up (not on the blacktop as usual) on the grass. All the while thinking this is strange.

Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a shiny red fire truck for this mother of the year!

Yes, apparently it was not a drill and staff were quickly rushing cars out of the parking lot to clear the way. I know the kids are safe but I can't help but want to go rush them out of there. I stayed strong, drove away, and drove back 10 minutes later.

Crisis was averted and I saw all the kids entering the school. Found out there was simply a BAD smell in one of the pods. They had to check it out.

I feel like such a winner today!


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Sometimes being a mom can be really scary.