Friday, March 14, 2008

A little life around our house

Samantha and I played a little game of Life yesterday. She was kickin my butt! Flyin' through the game. I was too busy having 6 children. 2 sets of twins. But I did get to sue her along the way. She was a famous singer, winning awards all the time. But she was careless with her money. Bought expensive things. She may have made it to retirement before me, but I smoked her in the money arena. So, technically, I won.

See all my kids piled on top of each other in the pink car?

We've got another form of life goin' on around here. I love spring. Love to watch my garden grow. See my lavender...it's ginormous! Getting lots of yummy smelly buds. Our sad little lemon tree is coming back again. See those little purple leaves coming out? I LOVE it.

This is my hibiscus. It got huge last summer. We didn't wrap it this winter. I thought it was a gonner for sure, but look...growth among the death. YAY!

I just noticed today the first buds popping out of the grape vines. We decided to plant some strawberries this year. See if they take off. Has anyone done these? I sure hope they work. My mom has a huge strawberry patch my kids love to pick from. I love having plants that my kids can enjoy and eat. Last year we had lots of grapes and the kids loved eating them right off the vine.


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

My kids like to play games, not me so much.

We are starting to see signs of life here too. My tulips are coming up, I am so excited. Tulips are my favortie flower. As I recall you had tulips at the temple on your wedding day.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

all love all the green peeking out on all the plants in the yard... it gives me a good feeling!

Jason & Claire said...

I used to play that game. That was my favorite! Spring is the best!

Kathy Jo said...

I can't wait to get outside and do some stuff. It is just starting to warm up here.