Friday, August 29, 2008

Heaven Help Me...I've created a Kitty Lover

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS....i am not a lover of the kitty.
I could use stronger language here, but eh, it's not necessary.
I will leave it at that.

Somewhere, Somehow, my sweet Kristen has turned against me.
Took her school shopping one day and this outfit here,
she about fainted she thought it was so cute.
The shirt has kitties on it, the sweater has a kitty on it.
She wanted the socks with kitties on it, but I drew the line.
Told her leggings would be better under the skirt.
I told her I couldn't believe I was spending (my husbands)
hard earned money on kitty clothes!
She apologized for that but in her sweetest little face said to me
"but mommy I love it and I can't live without it".

And because I love her, I allowed it.
The one thing I won't allow though,
is a Ziploc bag of kitty HAIR!
Yes! she came home from a friends house with hair from her kitty.
I can't have that in my house.
I will die from allergies.

Also, any school supply she could get with a kitty on it,
she chose.

Heaven help me...what WILL i do with her?????


Laura & Paul said...

I am not a lover of cats either and Izzy keeps trying to convince me we need one. She is trying to tell me it can stay outside. I said no, she asked why and the only answer I could come up with is Mommy doesn't like cats. I am so mean.

Linde said...

I hear ya!You are such a good mom to buy it for her. She looks adorable though. We have uniforms at our school or Kenzi would be all over that outfit:)

lisa said...

Don't you just love it when they have these little obsessions?! Just so you know, we currently have fairies living at our house. Everything is about fairies.

Kirsten said...

Kristen is so funny! She definitely looks cute. You're a good mom. I am not a big fan of animals in general. We will never have any pets...my girls will probably all be cat ladies because of their pet deprevation as a kid. Oh well!

Stephanie said...

at least they are little cats. i was thinking big cats on a t-shirt. i think she loks really cute and all grown up.
i don't care for animals either. we just have fish and that is a big for me.

FrankNApril said...

I agree! I am not a Kitty lover but I do like Hello Kitty!
She looks cute and VERY happy! Just bite your tongue I guess? April

Meaghan said...

We have a cat and Aviendha loves it. Jackson has never really been that into animals but Aviendha totally loves cats and dogs. Mabey it's a girl thing! Kristen looks adorable. I love the outfit!

Bryn said...

Carol, We could swap some good nasty kitty stories. You and Joel could be go to TOWN!

lisa said...

Carol!! I knew it was across from your mom's but I thought your mom was in California! AND we had that party on Saturday! You were probably there and we just missed each other!! Darn it!! Next time we go to the park, I will call you on the freak chance that you might be there too! I can't believe it...crazy!

Cammie said...

I'm a cat person too!

Stephanie said...

how was your utah trip?? did you take any pictures??