Thursday, September 18, 2008

These Two....

NOT sooooooo innocent!
They totally pulled the wool over my eyes the other day!
They'd been playing and laughing A LOT.
Next thing I know Nathan comes up to my room and tells me that
Samantha laughed so hard she wet her pants. Ugggghhhhhh.
She was waiting for me in the kitchen to come help her.
Soooooo...of course I go down to assess the situation and decide
on a plan of attack.
Put down a towel for her to stand on while I disinfect the "area"
Then tell her to take off her pants (which are all wet right down the front...where they "should" be!)
She protests that as I continue to clean. Nathan is standing on the stairs laughing. Me...clueless.
Finally with Samantha refusing to strip down she calmly tells me
"mom, it's water. Nathan poured it on me so we could trick you."
She's being so calm about it I first think she is just tricking me to not have to undress.
But then Nathan comes down laughing...
"We totally tricked you MOM!"
Samantha DID NOT wet herself
So the big puddle i disgustingly cleaned up
2 down...2 to go!


Stephanie said...

Did you spank them or keep your cool? Watch out for those 2. Who new??? Cute pics.

Carol said...

no, i didn't spank em...i was impressed they got me. i usually see their tricks coming from a mile away!

lisa said...

Oh, those little stinkers! That is kind of funny though. They put a little thought and planning into that one.

Lisa and Bill said...

This post was cracking me up! That is totally something my son would do to me and his dad seems to always be the mastermind behind it! One day I'm going to get them both! You have to admit they got skills!

Leslie said...

Tell Samantha she can't truly laugh so hard that she wets herself until she has had kids...then go into the mechanics of the kegel muscle....that should be a good conversation ....ha ha ha.

Cammie said...

Those little stinkers :0). That's funny and reminds me of a trick we played on my grandma when we were younger.

Anonymous said...

lol.. too funny.. hee hee.. I think its scrap worthy..

Jemma said...

lol lol lol and they looks so sweet in their photos!!! i cant believe they thought of it though!!!

Meaghan said...

Too funny! Sorry...but I'm totally laughing!