Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...and we made it

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
I really do love the Christmas Season.
I love how it feels.
I love the opportunity to do things for other people.
I love the excuse to shop!
I love how everyone (well most) is nicer to each other.
I love the lights, the decorations.
The feeling of peace that I have amongst the chaos.
The love I feel for my Savior.
It IS the most beautiful time of year.

*And now with EVERYTHING done
ALL the wrapping (for the first time ever).
All the activities.
The dozens upon dozens of cookies and candy that we've made.
The cards were mailed and received before the big day!
I am ready to enjoy this day and tomorrow
And focus on my family and what it is all about.
*We've had a very busy month, lots of parties, lots of concerts. Girls home on track break.
It has been busy but fun. It has gone by way too fast.

*The kids had several concerts this month. The first was their piano recital. They both started lessons in the fall and are doing very well. Nathan & Kristen played a duet at the recital, along with individual pieces. They played Good King Wenceslas together and did great. At first they fought whenever they practiced but eventually they worked it out and it was a good opportunity for them to work together.
*Kristen had her school choir concert. Which was more like a singing dance party with the whole school in on it.
*Nathan then had his band concert at school. He is playing the bells right now and will start on drums next year. He did great. No pictures.

*We've started basketball season. This is Nathan's first year playing on a league and he is doing so good. We are so proud of him. He has never been a very competitive player and in other sports he really holds back. But with basketball he seems to be finding his stride. He is learning to be more aggressive and confident and I couldn't be prouder!

*We've had snow! As if you haven't already heard that story!
This second batch though was much more genuine than the first.
The kids had a blast collecting whatever they could and making (ice) snow balls.
We didn't get anywhere near what the rest of the valley got, but we'll take what we can get.

And there you have it.
Our month in review.
Today we are going out on the town with Daddy to see some special sights.
We'll be making gingerbread houses.
Cooking our feast.
Playing our games.
Reading the scriptures.
And hopefully not being up late.
Cause if history has anything to do with it,
We will be up BEFORE the crack of dawn!
Hope you all have a beautiful Christmas


Heather said...

Nice recap.
Glad there is peace and calm at your house and you are prepared for the EARLY morning festivities.
I have to laugh because I wonder where they get the waking up early from??? haha!
Enjoy the day with your family :)
PS thanks for the toffee, it cancelled out my workout that night, because I can't control myself around sweets!

Stephanie said...

sounds like you had a full month.
merry christmas.

Chandra said...

Happy to hear everything is ready for the big day! The only problem is that I don't want it to be over!!

Jodi said...

Nice pictures. You really captured the snow! Nathan and Kristin are staying busy. Isn't great when they find things they love to do?

Meaghan said...

I love all the pictures! The snow looks like so much fun. It's amazing how fast December flies by!