Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I give up...

The guilty mom syndrome will just have to set in...
i kept holding off doing Nathan's birthday post so I could do one like I did for Kristen. Ya know the one, with all the old pictures scanned into the computer. I just can't seem to get that together. We have been SOOOOOOO busy these last 2 months.

So here is Nates birthday...one month later
We took him to dinner and just had our little family party there.
It was fun. I love doing things with just us. He loved his Homer Simpson card about fire...

He's not so much a cake eater and he didn't know what to have until I told him it was OK to have say, maybe cheesecake, for a birthday. He liked that plan. Not sure what they are doing here, but it looks fun don't it??

The week after his birthday...he got to have his birthday bash SPECTACULAR!
(seriously, he must have got me at a weak moment when he asked for this party)
Can't believe I agreed to all this...4 friends, swimming, sleepover AND a movie at the theater.
It. was. an. exhausting. weekend.

But hey, your only 12 once!
Here is his typical birthday fare...donuts.

That weekend he was ordained...
how did that happen????? How did my little boy get to be so big.
He now passes the sacrament in his fancy new suit, just like dad.

He doesn't exactly look thrilled in this photo, it's all he would let me take.
Apparently his big birthday bash left him a little exhausted come Sunday and he was ready for a nap at this point.

I can't believe he is so big...he is turning into such a nice boy...hmmmm man...

I love how excited he has gotten about life. He was a little frustrated with himself for a while there but seems to be growing out of it. He is SO happy to be out of primary and in YM now. He has is first year of middle school behind him. He loves scouts and can't wait to go on the big scout camp this summer. He loves being with his family. He may not admit to it, but I can tell. He really enjoys having time with his dad...they have a lot of big plans those two. He has such a tender heart and is truly concerned for others, especially his grandparents.

We love him so much and am so happy he is in our family.

HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!!! one month later ;(


lisa said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe Nathan is 12. It's just not right! He is a cute young man! :) You are such a nice mom to throw such an awesome party for him!

Kirsten said...

I couldn't believe when i saw him passing the sacrament, then at the YM/YW pool party. He is so big! Slow down!

Chandra said...

Where does the time go? I mean his mother doesn't look a day over 25, how could all of this be????
Well anyhow a late b-day post is better than no b-day post.

Stephanie said...

glad he had a great birthday.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

we finally get to hear about the partay! sounds like it was a fun one.
12 yrs old. i don't know if i'm ready for that. we only have about 3 months till my oldest is there. yikes!

Linde said...

Wow! Time does pass so fast. He looks so big in his suit. What a handsome boy ya have there!