Monday, September 28, 2009

ahhhhh....a few things.....

*I've been in craft mode around here lately.
Lots of things in the works.
SOME are even done!!!
Others, will take some time.

I'll be posting this week.

*It appears that I've probably
broken my big toe.
Dude...I have never broken a bone in my life,
and now in less than one years time,
I've taken out my tailbone, and NOW my big toe!
What the heck????????

Our bar stool (it's big, heavy, and made of wood) got tipped over and landed square on my toe.
When I hit the floor in pain Jack, a bit scared asked me
"Do mommies cry??"

We thought it just got bruised.
It swelled up nicely that day and all stiff like.
Looked really pretty all week, black, blue, green, purple.
It was like a rainbow!

But it's been 3 weeks now, and I still can't put a shoe on it.
I still can't move it very well.
And, it still hurts a bit.

*Somehow, I've been busier since the kids went to school
than I was when them and all their friends were at our house all day.

Go figure.

*I've been a good mommy and have been helping out at school.
Have had a variety of appointments.
Did another baby shoot.
Did my visiting teaching (yay!)

*This is all I've been able to scrap since school started.
I'm going through withdrawals.
Definitely need to find me some more time!

Here are the kids at the pumpkin patch last year.
I liking the use of smaller pictures gathered together
in a grouping. It allows me to use lots of pics
without burying the page.

Me needs a bit o white space!(that's space with nothing in it ;)

These are pics Heather took of Jack and I a few years ago (obviously!)

I love them, and can't believe this babies pushing 4!

and....Samantha and Abby putting their Best Friends necklaces together.

I love the playfulness of this page. It's perfect for these cute little girls.

I don't normally do cut outs well, but I like how this one came together.

Happy Monday ya'll!


Stephanie said...

cute pages. sorry about your toe. i was in a crafty mode and now i am not. i need to get back the modivation.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

sorry about the toe girl... that stinks!!

can't wait to see your crafty stuff. why are you teasing us??

love the pages!

beckyjune said...

Carol, it's so fun to have you back at the Nook, and what a great blog you have :) How are things going with the puppy? I'd love to get one but right now taking care of three kids is about all I can do. So, are you related to THE Monsons? Like Thomas S. Monson? Just wondering since it's not a real common name :)

lisa said...

Super cute pages, especially the last one! (wink,wink) Sorry about your toe! That hurts and there isn't much they can do about it, maybe put a boot on it so you can at least walk around.
You'll have to post your crafty stuff!! Can't wait to see!
p.s. we just bought a house, so I'll need your help with the decor... :)

Meaghan said...

I broke my toe a few years ago and it's surprisingly painful. Looks like you'll be forced to wear flip flops. :)

The pages are so cute!