Friday, December 31, 2010

Top10 of Twenty10

If you're sick of seeing scrap stuff....I'm sorry.....but this is what I do ;)

I thought I would end the year by sharing my favorite layouts.
This year as been really good to me scrap wise. I've met some goals that I've had. Made it on 2 design teams, and got accepted in several magazine/book publications. When I get hard copies of those things you bet I will share ;)

Here they are in no particular order:

This one again...I know you've seen it a few times recently, but I love it!
Even with the dark background it still feels so soft and pretty to me.
I loved these pictures of Nathan and Samantha and it was fun having such a teeny baby at Christmas time.

These are some of my favorite pictures of Kristen...back before I knew much of anything about photography. A hobby I've always loved and was always practicing at. I love the mix of papers and embellishments on this one. It feels kind of fancy but still has fun little surprises in it.

Love this picture and I love the colors on this one. Simple, but a little edgy. Love the sentiment....it's totally how I feel, I adore my family!

LOVE this one! I did it for a manufacturer challenge and got an honorable mention on their site. I think the photo looks so good with these colors and the stitching was really fun. I love how challenges tend to stretch my creativity a bit. I'm also glad that I made sure to record the story of his first day.

I don't do to many layouts of Nathan anymore, as he doesn't like his photo taken and I've got tons done of him when he was smaller. But I loved these pictures and I like the colors and the edgy feel of it.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. My cute little Jack thinking he was big enough for school! Too bad he was only 2! I like the mixed title and little banner up there.

Another set of pictures that I love....are you noticing a common denominator here???? Big fan of aqua this year and love the pinks and grays here. Love the title work too.

Not necessarily a picture that I love (simply because it's got me in it ;) but it's a weekend I'll never forget (and hope to do again sometime) I simply love the design on this! (oh and the colors)

My Samantha! Love the playfulness of this layout. I'm usually pretty happy about layouts when I'm able to incorporate lots of bits and pieces.

Last but certainly not least...another one about me! (which, really is surprising!) This one was an assignment for Scrapstreet Magazine. It seemed like a hard topic at first...but I love that it gave me an opportunity to document my love for yellow. And of course....I love all the colors here ;)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
Thanks for reading ;)


Sherri said...

Happy New Year Carol, thanks so much for sharing your stories with all of us.

AllyW said...

Love your top ten. Great pages! Have a great New Year :)

Stacey Michaud said...

so inspiring girlie!!!

pysselpetra said...

Beautiful layouts my fav is 2 girls 3 days .

beckyjune said...

I just love your style, Carol. Gorgeous work! I can't wait to see what you do this year.

Deanna said...

GORGeous work Carol! I'm such a fan!!

Stephanie said...

love your pages. do you want to come and help me with mine? i know you have all the time in the world.