Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Ridance 2000 and 9.

I am NOT sad to see you go.
You were very mean to my family and I.

You sapped ALL of my strength
....and hope.

There were many times I felt un-able
to cope, to carry on, to feel peace.

For the first time...
I asked that unanswerable

You were so mean,
I don't dare dream that
2010 will be my friend.

Whatever it has to offer
I will go into it with my family
for whom I am SO grateful.

For healthy children,
a mostly healthy husband :)
a job
a home
and faith in my Heavenly Father
that he has a plan for me
and that with him we will survive.


Doralee said...

Amen. God bless you Carol! I hope that you have a beautiful 2000and 10.

Kathy Jo said...

Good goll girl! I did not get that at all from your posts. I sure hope you had someone to talk to and didn't just keep it all locked up inside! You still got my number?