Friday, July 2, 2010

scrappy shmappy & shtuff.

disclaimer....beware of a somewhat boring post.

*Saw Eclipse last night.
With a bunch of girls.
Had a great time and totally enjoyed the movie,
as well as a huge bucket of popcorn
(that i did share)
along with a diet coke ;) that i didn't share.

*Planning a low key weekend for the 4th.
Looks like some of our plans are getting
burned out...literally.
Looking forward to time as a family.

*Kristen likes to spend her track break at school.
I know.
She is a little teachers helper for her
teacher from last year.
I told her the other day she could have
her very own class room in like 12-13 years.
She was stoked!!!
Didn't realize it could be that soon!

*Been spending a lot of time lounging
around the pool.
Getting very little done.
150 degree weather will do that to ya.
Hosting swim play group today.
More lounging...with friends this time
so it should be fun ;)

Wishing for some time to do some of this....
scrappy stuff.
But all that pool lounging makes it difficult
to hide up in my room.
I've been asked to do a page for an e-zine (on-line magazine)
so I need to get up there some how this next week.
For now here are a few layouts that make me happy
and make me want to make more....

*Hope ya'll have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend.


LG said...

Beautiful layouts!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

cute layouts. so glad you share your scrappy shmappy shtuff with us! haha.

happy pool lounging day! sounds like fun...