Sunday, January 23, 2011

...and this is why!

HE is sooooooo cool!
Because he gives me moves like this when I ask to take his picture!!!
No directing here......it's all him ;)

You want to know another reason why he is SO cool????
Cause  he's FIVE now!!
I know!
Can you believe....my baby is 5!!!

He is so excited...yet still baffled as to why he can't start kindergarten NOW!  All he can reason is that he's not tall enough....he needs to be as tall as his friend Katelyn (even though she's not 5 yet) which makes it all the more confusing for him, but that is what he has figured out....he needs to be taller!

A few more things to like about Jack....

*his favorite word is capiche (sp???)
*He thinks he is 7" tall
*and when I asked him how heavy he was....he said "really heavy"!  ha!
*he claims to be iCarly's "biggest fan"!
*he gives the best hugs
*he likes to wrestle (come on, whats funnier than 2 5yr. olds wrestling...picture that!!!)
*he likes to dress himself...and when I tell him he should wear pants instead of shorts this is the response I get "come on mom, how many times I gotta tell you?????  I don't get cold!"
*he doesn't walk, he runs.  It cracks us up....to see him come charging outta his room, around the corner, down the hall...running...and as of late, tripping over his own two feet!
*when I have to drag him shopping he'll tell me I can only buy 2 things.  "k mom?, not lots, just 2"
*he tells me I'm a really good scrapbooker!!!!

I giggle just thinking about this boy.....he makes us so happy and I can't imagine life without him.  We are so lucky!!!  He is so good.  He accepts the rules and boundaries and the no's we give him.  He may mumble, but he'll just say "ok".  And move on.  I love that.  More on his party...later!!

For now....Happy Birthday to my baby!!!

oh...and just now, he told his sister she could play with him "because he's a 5 year old" 


slingwall said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! He looks so old in those pictures. I hope you guys had a great birthday.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Jack.

Jason & Claire said...

Oh my H-E-C-K he is adorable in those pictures! Happy birthday to him! Anneliese thought she got to go to kindergarten as soon as she turned 5 too. Cute kids.

Jess said...

Those pictures are great! He is such a cute boy! It is so funny how kids associate height with age.

Ingrid Danvers said...

Belated birthday wishes. The pictures are great!!

Alex said...

Belated birthday wishes!

Love those photos... and the purple in the background smells a lot like February kit ;-)

Andrea Amu said...

What a sweet, sweet boy you have there, Carol! He looks like he's a ton of fun!

Charleyhz2boys said...

Wow, Carol...you have a beautiful family!!! He is adorable!! My baby will turn 7 in a couple of weeks and it makes me sad....enjoy your baby boy...before long he will be a big boy and taking your heart out the door with him...enjoyed your blog immensely...will definitely come back!

Zarah said...

Adorable boy (I guess that runs in the family?! :)) and great photos!

jo said...

He is so flippin cute!!! I want to sqeeze him myself. Kinda reminds me if my baby boy who is all grown up now. {Sigh} Give your baby an extra hug before he gets too big.