Monday, February 28, 2011

What A Draaaaagggg!!!

Breaking your leg 2 weeks before basketball playoffs......is a draaaaaaagggg!!!!
Just ask Nathan.
He's not thrilled.
In the least!

Bored out of his mind
and sick of crutches.
It's only been a week...so he's gonna have to get used to them.

Thankfully the whole thing is pretty minor so hopefully he'll get the cast
off in less than 4 weeks. 
The dangers of being a teenager on a trampoline ;)


Jessy Christopher said...

Hope he will have a speedy recovery! Sorry to hear bout ur boy :(

Stephanie said...

hope he heals fast. benny did the same for hockey.

Sherri said...

Yeah, there's not a whole lot of "bright side" to that situation. Hopefully he'll be able to keep himself occupied in the meantime. You can tell him that my 13 yr old nephew, this past summer managed to give himself a spiral break (while skateboarding) on day 2 of a 6 week long car trip/vacation all around Western Canada and the most of the mid/Southern US. His cast went up his entire leg. He needed help to do just about everything poor guy. But, he came out on the other side okay, and with a good attitude

Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

Bon rétablissement à ton petit mec (hope he will have a good recovery)
Plein de bisous

Stacey said...

Oh no! That is such a bummer! I like the green cast though.

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

Poor guy! Four weeks will come around in no time at all! I know that must be hard for him though :(

Unknown said...

Is that the same trampoline that my son broke his leg on? I am sorry to hear that Nate broke his leg. I hope it heals fast. Take care.