Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Serious Business I tell Ya!

You'd think by the looks on these kids faces, that egg dieing was do or die business!
We set up the table outside and let them go to town.
I dare say they had a good time......though hardly a smile was cracked for the camera!

 The naked truth.
 Diving in.
 Little Jack....had it all down.
His was a get her done kinda attitude!
 ooooh....a smile.
From Kristen of course!
 Just look at that evil eye.....checking out the competition.
The boys.
My step daughter Kathryn ;)
She may as well be, she's here almost as much as the others....and we love her.
Creative coloring here.


Spring break was fun.....and exhausting!
I worked my fingers to the bone in the back yard all week.
I couldn't believe how many weeds I had to pull.
All the pruning and re-planting of a few new things.
But it was worth it, the yard looks nice.

The kids were in friend mode all week (and mostly at our house!)
Lots of swimming, lots of eating and lots of mess making.


In honor of Easter here's a little layout I did last month using Lily Bee of the girls at Easter a few years ago.


Sherri said...

Glad you had a great break Carol. Love the layout, as usual. Those layered butterflies are fabulous! And that little banner is just so cute.

Linde said...

Darling! Glad you had a good break! Getting the yard ready for summer is always a chore but so worth it!

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

Gorgeous layout. Love your photos - and of course your commentary is always FUN :)

Cammie said...

Such beautiful photos! I love how intense the kids look. Art and creativity were taking place. Lovely layouts too!