Monday, June 20, 2011

More School!

Thought I'd wrap up the whole school thingy....
seeing as how it's summer ;)

The kids did really well this year, I'm so proud of them.
Nathan worked really hard and took things seriously.....he's happy to be free of middle school.
Here he is at his award ceremony...doesn't he look handsome?? ....and tall?????

 The exchange....
 On to Samantha!  She has graduated from second grade...she did so great, straight A's!! Loved her teacher and had a fun year....which is saying something....school aint her fave...but she does work hard.
I love that she plans out her outfit and wants her hair just right!  She loves looking her best!
 And then we have Kristen.
She is our little lover of school.....wishes she could go every.single.day.
I can.not. believe this little thing will be starting middle school....I hope they don't eat her alive!!!!
 She got just about every award there was to get!
Most importantly....The Great American Award.
Out of the entire 5th grade class there were only 27 that earned this one.
The kids had to memorize the Gettysburg Address, The Preamble to the Constitution, ALL the Presidents, The Star Spangled Banner...and lots more, pretty much everything American!
She was amazing and had it done before Christmas.  There's her little trophy and her folder with all her awards in it!  She is going to be our school teacher!


Summer is in full swing around here....haven't quite worked up a routine yet.....hmmmm.
There's always this week!


Kathy Jo said...

Very cool! How long do they get out for summer? I am also worried about Emily going to middle school, she is so much smaller than all the other kids her age. I need to get busy and post graduation pictures.

Keshet said...

So cute! Congrats to your little guy! (Popped over here from the Nook:))