Sunday, December 11, 2011

Get Picky Inspiration

oh my......love what this prompt reminded me to do ;)

Scrap this story about Samantha.....it makes me laugh out loud everytime!!!

 The inspiration to scrap a story....to focus on the words and the journaling.

Samantha wrote this paper in school when she was in first grade.....the teachers comment just steps it all up a notch!

"I get mad wen I have to do my chros (chores).  All I do is shav (shove) stuf under my bed.  Inless (unless) it's something spshal (special).  Sometimes I have to make my bed or clean my bed.  Allso sometimes I have to clean under my bed.  That's tarabal (terrible) (insert teachers comment:  Especially after you shoved everything under there!)  I hate to clean!!!

I hope you'll have a chance to play along ;)
Get Picky is right over here ;)


Jason & Claire said...

Cutest thing ever. What a spshl girl.;)

Monique Liedtke said...

What a super fun layout! Love all the details!! love the story! LOL!

Mag said...

Beautiful layout... full of humour !!