Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Jack celebrated his 6th birthday this weekend!
Well, it's today, the 23th but it feels like we've been partying for days!!!
As it should be ;)

We had a little Lego party with friends, because, quite frankly, he's obsessed!!!
But it was a fun colorful theme to do.

 Just a little excited me thinks.
 Bold primary colors for decor.
 Goodie bags that I glued circles on to create the lego "look".
Cute little stripey straws and a big bowl of m&m's.
 These might be a little creepy looking....but they are supposed to be Lego heads.  
Basically, marshmallows dipped in yellow candy melts with black frosting for the faces.
 Good ol' donut game....ALWAYS good for a laugh and one of my kids faves.
I like to use the little gem donuts (powdered)  they are just the right size for little ones and actually less messy than the typical glaze.
 Tennis ball in the nylon game.  Knock over the water bottles.
This was a hoot!!! And let me just say the kids got quite carried away playing this one!

                     Made a little lego skeeball game...the girls kicked the boys but in this one. 
                                          The boys just couldn't pull themselves together!

They were way to busy doing things like this!!!
Little outta control me thinks!!!

He's ready to blow!!! 6 big candles!!!
I can't believe it.

It's gone by in a flash.

He is the cherry on top for this family.
Each and everyone of us is so grateful for him!!!!
He is our miracle baby and we are so lucky that we got to keep him ;)

We love all his crazy antics and the things that come out of his mouth...hysterical!!!
He keeps us all laughing...and is the sweetest thing to boot.

We LOVE him to bits and pieces.
Happy Birthday Jack!!!


Zarah said...

Such fun photos - I LOVE the games and those legohead pops! :D

Megan Aaron said...

looks like fun! love the lego heads!

Deanna said...

awesome party Carol! I bet they had a GREAT time, even if it was a little crazy. I mean, what little boy doesn't love crazy?! :D

Fleursbydesign said...

Cute photos - love the games and bottles with paper straws - they grow up so fast :)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Jack, Love the fun colors.

Sherri said...

Now you seriously know how to throw a party. Jack must have felt blessed to the gills to have such a cool party.

Monique Liedtke said...

This party looks terrific!! and the boys sure had a good time! Love your Lego head lollypops!!

Pam said...

that looks like an awesome party!!! you are so clever!!

happy birthday Jack! Doesn't 6 sound way older than 5, sheesh?!

Kathy Jo said...

LOVE the Lego heads! Cute! You are so creative!

Alex said...

Looks like an awesome party! So creative (and clever!!!) Jack must have been thrilled! I love those cute little Lego heads! :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW - that looks like the best b-day party ever! Jack must have been over the moon about his day - I am kinda sad I missed out on all this fun! ;o)