Friday, February 24, 2012

a few cowboys....

 boy i've been bad about posting my Nook layouts for February!
though I have had loads of fun with our Sasparilla kit from October Afternoon (see, more OA ;)

I've got some really great pictures of Nathan when he was little that have been perfect for this cowboy inspired theme.  Not sure what his deal was here, but he sure looks serious doesn't he ;)

 We were living in Texas when both these were taken and a friend took this one below for us.
I've got a class over at the Nook teaching how I did the sun rays on this one if you want to have a look ;)

I was so excited to scrap these of Kristen at Halloween a few years ago.  She was just too cute as my little pioneer girl and homemade costume.  She was way into Laura Ingalls at the time, hence the costume ;)  I took inspiration from the Designer Showcase class over at the Nook.

I've got one more I'll share in a few days, then I will be ready with our March kit....loooooovely stuff!!!!


Leanne said...

OMGosh! This kit looks sooo yummy!! I adore your little cowboy and Kristen looks gorgeous..x

Lizzy Hill said...
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Lizzy Hill said...

I'm confused... deleted,, ugghhhh! Anyway, was saying how I LOVE the way you've got the patchwork effect with those paper strips in the bg of the pioneer girl LO..... I loved [still do!] Laura Ingalls Wilder:):):)

Stephanie said...

I miss those Texas days.

Zarah said...

Love, love, love these! The first one won my heart COMPLETELY! The photo... the design... the "comic piece"... Just SO perfect!