Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Title Class

I taught a class last week over at the Nook using our April kit, Crate Storyteller.
It's all about titles.....and finding inspiration and making them a fun part of your layout.

Here are the layouts I made for the challenge.....hop on over to the NOok and check it out.....there IS a little prize involved ;)

 "I flew across the ocean to see what i could see"
another Hawaii layout ;)

 "You were born an original"
I've been hoarding these pics of Jack for a while now,  I love them so.  
And don't be surprised if I use them again sometime ;)


On another note, I haven't scrapped in about 2 weeks.
Life has sucked it right out of me....but I am desperately ready to find it again.
Being creative is so relaxing and rejuvenating for me.
I think that's one of the reasons I "make" or  "find" the time to do it.
It's just important.
Some people may take naps, or go shopping, or heaven forbid, clean to find their happy place.
For me, it's sitting at my desk.
I need to go find my happy place today ;)
Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday!!

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