Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little Christmas

This year we did something we haven't done for 10 years!
We left the comforts of our cozy home and mild winter weather for grandmas house and 
a winter wonderland.

Traveling for Christmas is rough.
But it was fun and good for our kids to spend the holiday with LOTS of family.


Did I tell you I dislike the snow?
And the cold?
I'm such a baby ;)

she's so cute.....i can't hardly stand it!

Him too.
The cold didn't bug them one bit.......their other siblings, couldn't be bothered ;)

We made cookies.....among other treats ;)
I kinda felt like I was 12 again.  At home with my mom making treats at Christmas time.  
It was fun and kinda surreal all at the same time.

We did gingerbread houses too.

Santa found us at grandmas house....and our cousin too ;)

 Gifts are passed out and they are ready to roll!
They didn't seem to mind the crowding one little bit ;)
We played with lots of cousins the rest of the week, 
I did my best to keep warm and than we drove home in this:

 really Utah?

Palm trees and green grass never looked so good!!!!

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Lizzy Hill said...

Looks GREAT & the kids look like they've had a ball - it's a really special thing to spend Christmas with your family....well worth the effort & the cold, I'd say!!!!!!!!!