Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sewing on Paper

I've got a blog post up over at Scraptastic about how I sew on my pages,
It's not rocket science but there is a chance you could learn something......if you don't already know it! ha!

Here's the layout I made for it......

 aack!  my heart.....love these babies.  Can't believe how little they are, seems like yesterday.

I am loving this kit...it's so pretty and funky with lots of cool bits.  Those bubble stamps, fun!  Jessica might just be turning me into a stamper, a subtle one anyways.

Get yer kit here
Those bubbles are on the "8 Days a Week" set.


Mette said...

Soooo lovely!

Leanne said...

oh my! so beautiful...x

Lizzy Hill said...

Bubble stamps rock, but even more sew [pun] your sewn heart...just FAB!!!! And I LOVE the way you've done your title, too:):):):)